Camerons Personal Page 7:08am, 25 February 2010
Greetings! I am about to print my first book from a recent HDR trip to Luxor, Egypt. Having a background in music production I know that greatness takes time and I really want this book to scream. So other than the standard PROOF EVERYTHING TWICE, what mistakes have you made that might help a newby like myself? Fonts too small? All pages the same layout? Just too many damn pictures? LOL.

Thanks in advance and I'll be sure to put a link up when it's done.
Here's the set

Edit: I should mention that the goal of this book is purely art for arts sake. I'm not expecting to sell many of them. This will accompany a full gallery show of these images I'm doing in May, and perhaps drum up some commissions going forward. I just...need to hold these in my hands.
tomas_nilsson Posted 12 years ago. Edited by tomas_nilsson (member) 12 years ago
My mistake was to proofread everything JUST twice...I still found mistakes after I had my photo book of a week-long journey to London printed. Nothing major though, but had it been a book I put up for sale I would have been a bit miffed at myself. For now it is still a nice memory collection of a great week in the capital of the British empire.
Also, I put images too close to the edge of the pages, images that got trimmed off in the printing process, something to watch out for.

(definitely not doing those mistakes this time the process of putting together a book on a road trip in the American Southwest)

here are screen shots of the book I created with BookSmart (now using Adobe inDesign and Blurb's templates instead):
mark6mauno 12 years ago
I've gone the Blurb route twice. My experience has been very similar to tomas_nilsson.
1) I thought I had watched the edges carefully when pictures went out to the edge, but they still got trimmed very slightly, more than I expected.
2) For pages with multiple images, I've tried to position pictures that don't have critical information on that side at the appropriate edge (e.g., pictures bleeding off the top are just sky at the top of the image).
3) Need to watch out what is on the left side or right side (odd pages on the left, even pages on the right). Some images look better on one side or the other.
4) I found the BookSmart templates rather limiting. My next attempt will be with Adobe InDesign. One nice feature of Adobe ID is that I'll be able to make a proof copy that isn't marred by the "For Proofing Only" overlay that Blurb puts on PDFs generated from BookSmart. Also, ID has orders of magnitude more control over the final layout.
5) Pictures with mixed resolution don't look good. Or, rather, pictures with low resolution look like pictures with low resolution. Not very professional looking.
image freak 12 years ago
My mistakes have been:

* Adding an image twice
* wrong date in text
* doubled up the wording on the spine

Now I go over each page with a fine tooth comb, but I'm sure I will still make mistakes at some point.
Vince Thigpen 12 years ago
The spell checker does not identify "beef" as incorrect when you meant "beer" !! LOL!!
Camerons Personal Page 12 years ago
Thanks so much guys, that's the kind of stuff I'm after!
Pixsmiths 12 years ago
not checking that page numbers or adornments are consistent on pages - either all on or all off - not half and half - thats why its good to proof read more than twice!
Camerons Personal Page 12 years ago
Thanks again, I'm having so much trouble proofreading the thing as a PDF that I'm starting over using InDesign. Won't export as PDF, need to download and install 3 or 4 software patches, those send my virus software over the edge, start over, still can't export or proof read.
Man their Booksmart software SUCKS!
Oh well it was good experience laying it out like that once, now i know what I want to do so here we go with ID, then I own the PDF's.
image freak 12 years ago
@cammyjams: I have to turn my virus software off to upload a book to blurb, how scary is that?
*Susan K* 12 years ago
Offering books in multiple formats can be tricky - depending on the cover. For example, my first Blurb publication took several times to get it right because of the way the hands bleed to the edges.

Softcover is easy, pretty much what you see is what you get.

Handcover, Dust Jacket wrapped too much on the front cover the first time, and there was not enough space to the right of the text.

We decided against Hardcover, ImageWrap. Essentially a new design would be needed to get the same design on the ImageWrap cover- because of how the cover images wrap around the bind. It appears that a different cover would make it a different book - that would be displayed/sold a different Blurb page. Some people do that....

Cover - Blessed Are These Hands (2010) by *Susan K*

Also, there seem to be a few gremlins in the Mac software if you have a significant amount of text accompanying the photos - like we did in this photographic essay. For example, spacing changes for no apparent reason. So it's important to do that final proofing slowly....

Still, seems to be the best POD publisher for image books. If you adjust color profiles correctly and are patient and careful with the software, the book quality is outstanding!
Jim Cim 12 years ago
Hi Cammy ... Good luck with the book. I love mine, and I love Blurb. The customer service when there was a problem with a print was incredible. I have never been dealt with so quickly with any other on-line company.

My biggest problem was the same as everyone else ... I did not proof read it enough and I made two spelling mistakes.
Camerons Personal Page 12 years ago
Thanks guys, after much toiling and gnashing of teeth I placed the order this evening. Can't wait to see it! Here's another flaw in the BookSmart package: no way to add words to the dictionary for spell check.
My book is about Egypt with all kinds of interesting names that repeat like 'hatshepsut' and 'ramesseum' boy was THAT fun to spell check over and over. I took your advice and printed the proof and we tore it to shreds, then after correcting that my OCD girlfriend went over the entire thing with a fine tooth comb, then I ran the internal spell checker after that, which STILL managed to find a few typos. As these things go; what seemed on the surface like a cute little project became an energy sucking albatross, but now that albatross has landed, whoo hoo!
aspiring exchange [deleted] 12 years ago
Hehe! Good for you cammyjams, enjoy your new book!! :)

I made a small photo book with no text, and my mistake was that some of the images would have looked better if they were smaller.
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