♥SarahMartin♥ 10:19am, 16 February 2010

I hope someone can help me!

I've just set up a Wordpress blog & want to put a Blurb badge in the sidebar... but I don't know how!!

I've added a Flickr widget, but there's no option to add an external one, if you know what I mean?

Can someone talk me though in really simple terms how to do it please?? I know how to generate it in Blurb, I just don't know where to put it in Wordpress!

Simply Col Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Simply Col (member) 12 years ago
Is your blog on or is it a blog? If you are using you will not be able to display a badge if using anything but html. If you are hosting your own blog using the free blogging software .. then you should be able to copy and paste the code into your sidebar.

My blog is on and I was able to display my book on my sidebar by using a text widget and writing my own html. You can see how this looks at
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