Lin Gregory (Light-Worker♥) 7:04pm, 5 April 2010
Hi I'm just doing my first Blurb book and have decided to use the standard background theme colour of khaki. I have run off a dummy copy of the cover to see how the colour looks and it is a lot lighter and brighter than the dull khaki I have on screen. I know my printer is not spot on so that hopefully is the reason however before I make the order I just wanted to check other peoples experiences. How faithfull have the colours been compared to on screen when you actually have the hard copy of the book?

Any thoughts welcomed! :))
loricherokee 12 years ago
Dust jackets are printed on shiny paper which does make the colors shinier than they would be on imagewrap. These are 2 of my books that were dust jackets. The actual covers looked identical to what I saw on my monitor. You can't test print covers on a home computer. I don't know why Blurb doesn't allow this. It would still have the watermark on it.
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