peteshep 2:17am, 20 April 2010
blurb have just notified that they're now offering a further paper choice -- Lustre.
"...another Premium paper -- a lustre finish with a hint of gloss."
If in due course anyone receives a blurb order with Lustre finish and can compare with the other Premium I'd be interested to hear
P :-) :-)
eyelightfilms 12 years ago
Just received two books ordered with Lustre finish and have to say it looks good.
Of course, these being the first books I've ordered from Blurb, I've nothing to compare them too, but they do look professional, and the paper has a nice weight to it.
peteshep 12 years ago
Thanks Eyelight, appreciated!
P :-)
The tamed shrew 12 years ago
If the paper is heavier then that's good. The only thing I was embarrassed about with my last book was the way the covers curled when unwrapped and put on display. Made them look cheap.
Arto Ketola 12 years ago
I made book with Premium Lustre paper. Here is some pictures
image freak 12 years ago
I have just ordered my latest mono book with the new lustre paper. I hope it looks as good as you say, Pete.
kycamlewis 12 years ago
I ordered three different versions of my book:

I received the order but I'm afraid that blurb has not given me Premium Lustre finish as requested and I was taking advantage of the Premium Paper offer. I would love to say that it's fantastic and I'm hoping that after two emails to customer services I might actually get a response!!! They have not bothered so far ;((

I am pleased with Blurb normally and I have reasonable expectations, if only they fulfilled orders properly. I will also look with interest at other peoples responses.
Surely Not 12 years ago
Just ordered my first book - Large landscape on Lustre paper...will report back in due course
kathybad 12 years ago
Hi kycamlewis,

Sorry to hear that there was some confusion on your order. Looks like your inquiries into customer support have been answered.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to get back in touch with support.

Kathy @Blurb
kycamlewis 12 years ago
Hi Kathy
Thanks for your reply and my email, my inquiries haven't quite been answered but I'll discuss things with you via my mail.
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