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image freak 3:45pm, 29 May 2010
For those who, like me, enjoy shooting black and white images, that old dreaded magenta cast is always a worry. I have just completed my largest b/w volume and from the email I received it is on its way to me as I write.

This time round has been a bit of another experiment for me: 1). I have a new computer and moved up from CS2 to CS4 to convert my raw files to mono. 2). I have taken Blurbs advice and processed the final images using PNG files after desaturating my finished images. The third experiment is with the new lustre paper. I hope it works out. One thing I do to avoid that magenta cast is to pay very close attention to the mid-tone areas when processing images. I try and err on the side of blacks and pure whites because I found that the magenta cast was more prevalent in the grey tone areas. I will post my findings when I get the book back from Blurb.

Anyone who would like to look at the whole book can do so here.

I would certainly appreciate any feedback, especially seeing how the book looks on someone elses monitor.

Cheers in advance...Keith
Marco Uccellini 12 years ago

Nice looking book. I like the Betty Boop photograph.

I have just had my first Blurb book printed, and I am very happy with the result.

I'm not sure why Blurb advised you to use PNG? The key to getting black and white to print correctly is to ensure after you have done all your processing, convert your image to grayscale space and this will give your image a DOT Gain 20% profile. If your image is black and white but still in RGB space, it will most likely have an sRGB profile. This will cause the printed image to have a slight colour cast, which will not be visible on your screen.

Hope that helps?

image freak Posted 12 years ago. Edited by image freak (member) 12 years ago
Hi Marco. Thanks for taking a look at my book it was very kind of you.

I have had several b/w books published now. One had the dreaded magenta cast and had to be reprinted. I used the sRGB profile for that book and it came back perfect the second time around, so it can be done. The latest book was processed in the RGB profile and only converted to greyscale to delete colour information before saving as a png. file. The result was a perfect b/w book from first print.

I don't like using png for images really. Though they are useful for art-work etc, I wasn't sure how they would deal with image files. However, they turned out fine, if not a bit darker than I would have otherwise liked. I will have to take this into account during my next b/w venture.

My current venture is colour, so it won't matter for the time being.


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