image freak 10:34am, 19 May 2010
Hi everyone. I need some booksmart help. Here's my problem. When firing up my project most of the images load and show in the edit section and preview as normal. I have a couple of images that remain in the 'Loading' mode for the thumbnail and one image that just remains as 'Loading' The one image that in the thumbnail shows as Loading, has loaded in the edit area but does not show up in the Preview area. Any light shed on this will be helpful as I am nearing publication and can't do anything until it is sorted.

Thanks in advance...Keith
image freak 12 years ago
OK panick over. I saved the files as 16 bit PNG and they should have been 8 bit.

Ken Zirkel 12 years ago
FYI, PNG is best for graphic artwork (illustrations and such), but JPG is generally best for photography.
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