Rilenious 10:44pm, 19 May 2010
I'm putting together a book of photography which will be 80-120 pages and printed on premium paper. Ideally, I want to make it in the large landscape format, but because of the high price I've chosen the normal landscape.

I measured the dimensions and I'm really worried that the book will be too small. 8x10 just seems like a really tiny book, especially for pictures.

So I just wanted to ask anyone out there who's made a book in the 8x10 size - are you satisfied with it?
loricherokee 12 years ago
I've done 2 travel photobooks in the 8x10 size & was quite pleased with them. I didn't expect to sell any so the smaller size seemed the right choice for me. You can see them at and if it will help w/your decision.
Ken Zirkel 12 years ago
The 13x11 books are gorgeous.

IMHO, If you're making an heirloom photo album from good quality original images, it is well worth the $100 or so to make one at that size. (that's what I paid for mine, anyhow).
Camerons Personal Page 12 years ago
go large, you put so much work into this, don't cheap out in the home stretch
Raggedy Anne. 12 years ago
if you are makeing an 80-120 book, then the 10 x 8 would not really be big enough as they are not lie-flat books, and the gutters will make some o your images disappear, more so in a smaller book than the larger one.
doing a 10 x 8 book is fine, but i wouldnt go beyond 40 pages, any more than that it really needs to be a bigger book.

my next one is going to be the 12 x 12 inch, i love square , have you thought of that one?
image freak 12 years ago
The only thing I have found with the large landscape books is that fitting them into an average bookcase is a nightmare. Having said that I like the size for photos and if you intend making this your standard size it might be worth having a dedicated book shelf made for them.
erietta 12 years ago
If its any help I have made and uploaded some templates of all the book sizes, so you can easily compare one to the other.
Frank Barr 12 years ago
It is quite small. I was happy with the quality of the books I made in 10x8 but would still have preferred if they were a bit bigger.. For my last book I made two versions- the large landscape and the 10x8. The large landscape even on non-premium paper is fabulous but as you say pricey. To bring down the price I ordered it in a different currency to my own and saved a substantial amount because of the exchange rate.
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