nadege34 10:43am, 8 June 2010
I had to move the drive where I had saved my book due to an unexpected lack of space.
However when I now try to import my book it says that it is not a booksmart format...can someone help me...don't really feel like starting all over again.

Thank you
kathybad Posted 12 years ago. Edited by kathybad (member) 12 years ago

Please contact our support team if you haven't already done so. We tried to look for you in our system and are not sure of your Blurb identity. We sent a note anyway, just not sure it's you.

We'll get things sorted for you if you write in!

– Kathy
fotomormor 11 years ago
I'm making a book for my daughter and her family, from their visit to the US last year. That is, I place the photos and she was supposed to write the text. I thought if I gave my daughter my username and password, she would be able to upload the book to her own computer, but this doesn't seem possible.

Does the fact that I work on a PC and she a MAC have anything to do with that? Or is it simply not possible to work on the book on any other computer than on the one which I started the book?
blurbbooks 11 years ago
Hello, there, fotomormor!

You might find this blog post to be helpful in your endeavors:

In it, you'll find info on backing up and sharing your files.

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