retrophotouk 5:44am, 30 July 2010
Or do they just choose to ignore the Ts & C's we signed up to? customer support have been completely useless and for the FOURTH month running my payment cheques have been delayed, current one is 6 weeks overdue!!!
kathybad 11 years ago
Hi retrophotouk,

We totally hear you and are painfully aware of the current shortcomings of our check payments. Please believe me that we have an alternate payment method coming very soon. In the meantime, continue to work with customer support as they have your best interests in mind.

Thank you for being as patient as possible, and so sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you.

– Kathy
Blurb Customer Support
Raggedy Anne. 11 years ago
i have just received today an email from blurb, telling me i can now sign up to receive my payments via PAYPAL. well thats great! because PAYPAL take quite a large cut of it whenever you receive money.

its a no-win situation really.
absorbed respect [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by absorbed respect (member) 11 years ago
Apparently Pay Pal takes less then Blurb cheques, we'll see... I received that e-mail too

rubared 11 years ago
Thinking aloud; Paypal used to (still?) require you to have a "business" account if you reach a certain threshold of received payments or if you wanted to accept credit card payments, does anyone know if this is still the case?
loricherokee 11 years ago
I think PayPal was finally added because a lot of the Blurb users from other countries wanted the option because their banks took very large fees out of their checks. If you use PayPal Blurb will only charge a $1 fee instead of $5. You also get paid faster. Guess you have to weigh that against whatever the PayPal fee might be. I signed up even tho I've never sold a book - nothing to lose.
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