Wujung 5:16pm, 4 September 2010
I've just received my first test copy of my first photobook to find the picture quality very disappointing. It is too dark and colours are not detailed. It is so different from what I see in my monitor, and seems even worse than what my canon mp630 printer can do.

I don't know if it's worth attempting a second test copy. If I cannot believe in my monitor, how can I be sure the next version will come out right? The only idea I got at the moment is trying printing out some pictures from local photoprint shop and compare the qualities to see if the problem is my picture or blurb. Any suggestion or help if you had a similar experience?? I'll attach a link of my photobook below for your information. Thank you.
rubared 11 years ago
-It's near impossible to judge the quality of a book by the online blurb book viewer.
-Difference is exposure w. regards to print/screen can be reduced/eliminated by calibrating your monitor with hardware. (X-Rite, Pantone, Datacolor screen calibration products). "Softproofing" your images can also help with differences in color. Search for how to do it.
-With picture print quality, can't really help you here as I am not that impressed with it either. Reading reviews seem to indicate there are better options, but Blurb is amongst the cheaper options.
- What didn't you like about the 'colours are not detailed'? also.. what do you think of the print quality of the cover compared to the inside pages?
Wujung 11 years ago
Thanks for your reply, rubared.

I don't know how to explain about the colour. May I say it is not 'rich'? It looks like being printed out of a very old home colour printer with low inks. In my monitor, at least the colours look alright.

Covers look slightly better because the paper used is different. But I don't think they are very impressive either.

There are also some (folded?) marks on the papers here and there. This is very annoying, and I cannot help calling this a 'bad quality job'.

Thanks for the information on calibration and softproofing. I'll check if my monitor is in correct state, but testing some pictures from other services or my own colour printer will also prove the cause of the problem, I hope.
Brooks Wildlife Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Brooks Wildlife (member) 11 years ago
If you tried to print any of the images on the front page of your photostream right now, they would all come out darker than what you see on screen due to incorrect exposure.

Contact Blurb about the problems with your book. They may (or may not) issue you a refund or reprint. It's worth a shot.
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