bryanscott 12:11am, 1 October 2010
Greetings folks.

I published a book through Blurb the other day:

After much consideration, and consultation with potential buyers, I settled on an asking price of $79.95 Canadian (giving me a profit of $12 per book). Only three days after launching the book (and generating hundreds of hits on the book), the Blurb price has gone up a full $5.

This is absolutely terrible for me. Knowing that many people have already checked out the book and seen the original price, there's no way I can let people purchase it at the increased rate (if they would still even want to--I know I would be turned off if the price of a book went up $5 the day after I first checked it out). So I'm left with no choice but to lower my profit to $7 per book, thus maintaining the $79.95 asking price.

I know Blurb has costs, and that it has to worry about its own bottom line, but I find this unexpected hike to be completely infuriating for me. I think I caught it pretty quickly, but I'm embarrassed to think that even ONE prospective buyer might have seen both the lower and higher price and decided not to buy as a result.

More importantly for me, this is really going to hurt MY bottom. I designed the book (size and length) BASED on Blurb's pricing. Had I known the price was going to go up almost IMMEDIATELY after setting my asking price, I would have done what I had to do to make the book less expensive.

Shouldn't Blurb be sending out emails weeks or even months in advance of a price hike so that sellers can develop strategies to adjust to the new prices? I am thoroughly unimpressed with Blurb right now.

Sorry for the rant folks. If anyone has any tips or suggestions for me, I would be greatly appreciative.
Violentz 11 years ago
Well, you could explain in the book's description the reason for the difference in price.

I got an email about a week ago in regards to the potential price change, but they didn't mention any actual prices.

I personally thought Blurb's prices were a bit expensive before the price change.
bryanscott 11 years ago
I agree, and a a $5 hike on a $68 book is INSANE.
Ken Zirkel 11 years ago
> I personally thought Blurb's prices were a bit expensive before the price change.

Seriously? Custom offset printed books for under $100 (for a one-off!), and you thought that was expensive?

I don't think you know much about printing.
bryanscott 11 years ago
Offset? Blurb books are digital.

My feeling on the prices is that they are slightly higher than I would like, but still reasonable enough to use their service.

My beef at the moment is the recent price hike, which I was not informed about. Customer Service tells me that the reason for this is because I opted not to receive the company's digital news letter. I think that's a bunch of bull, though--this is something that all users should have been informed about...months ago.
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