outrageous afterthought [deleted] 3:25pm, 29 September 2011
At present I'm experiencing a problem with Blurb's printing of B&W photo books. To be specific -- green casts in the photos. I understand that B&W photos are printed at Blurb's plants using color inks. Thus, green or blue casts in varying degrees - which seem to be a characteristic of this process. Anybody else have this problem? Any solutions?
Dan Forzano 9 years ago
that's concerning. Have you gotten any response or found a workaround?
I suppose you could use it to some advantage if you want to try to simulate toned images.
eddyizm 8 years ago
My black and white images seem to come out true.
henley graphics 8 years ago
I had this problem with a few b&w books I've had printed recently. I decided the only real way to deal with those types of printers is to provide a warm toned file instead of a straight b&w CMYK image without a color bias.

In order to determine what strength of toning I need to apply, because I didn't like adding one at all, I created this test book at Blurb:

Toned Image Tests - Book 1

However when they printed that one for me, there was NO cast applied to the printing, so I didn't learn what I was after. The book matched my monitor so well that it has been hard to understand what level of toning I should supply for my b&w books.

So I spit the difference with a couple of new b&w books and used different tonings for both. I have yet to receive them, so I don't know if I am going to like the results.
artur sikora Posted 8 years ago. Edited by artur sikora (member) 8 years ago
HI Russ,
I am just wondering how did you resolved this problem.
My B&W book is all with green cast as well...customer service over there is really good and they are trying to help. Today I got a 2nd reprint...still the same... green cast on all B&W photographs

I may give it up...unless there is a way to make it right...
How about your books henley graphisc?

henley graphics 8 years ago
More recently Blurb's printing this month is matching my monitor closely for 3 separate b&w books. It may have helped when I supplied toned b&w images in those books. Or not.

I have to think it is better to hedge your bets by adding a slight warm tone cast to images in case Blurb's printing tends to be off (more often than not in my limited experience!). Depending on the book's overall subject matter, I varied the actual toning I applied. They were printed with reasonable results (I prefer NO toning, but I much prefer an acceptable first printing best).

As I write in my toning test book, more information on toning images with Photoshop is available here:

Photographic Toning Presets in Photoshop CS6

LensWork Duotones? - Photoshop B/W adjustment layer

My test book should give you some ideas as to the level of toning you might want to try.
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