DRB 7:58pm, 8 June 2012
Just revived my first book, I'm very happy with the quality of the book.
I'm happy with the blub logo on the back page (because i was expecting it to be there) but in not happy with the QR Scan code printed on the back cover in the bottom right hand corner.
This did not show up when making the book.

Anybody else have this on there book ?
Nate Matos 10 years ago
It's a sticker, take it off :)
Leo Reynolds Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Leo Reynolds (member) 10 years ago
Annoyed me on my first book as it was not included on the cover template. I complained and got a full credit to spend at Blurb. I've allowed for the code on other books but I don't understand why Blurb doesn't include it on the cover template. I think there may be a difference between books printed in the US and Europe i.e. the QR Code is not printed on US covers.

Link to thread I posted on 29 September 2009.
DRB 10 years ago
It's not a sticker it's printed onto to cover :-(
Nate Matos 10 years ago
Oh wow, it has been a sticker on all of my books!
DRB 10 years ago
Blurb says (Tuff that's the way it is) will almost

Blurb response

Thank you for contacting us about the bar code printed on the back of your book.

At the moment only some of our print facilities add a barcode to the back of your book: in the US we uses a removable, peel-off label, and our European print facility uses a small, printed "QR" type barcode. I apologize for the incovenience.
blurbbooks 10 years ago
Hey DRB,

I can understand the frustration. While there's nothing we can do about it immediately, I'll add your feedback to my list of things that people want (or, in this case, don't want).


DanBrady 9 years ago
[] Blurberati:

Any progress on this in the last 10 months? I'm in the UK and would love to use Blurb but the printed QR code is a dealbreaker for my clients.

Why can't the European printers opt for the sticker approach that clearly works so well in the US?
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