image freak 12:36pm, 21 December 2012
I have emailed Blurb, but feel I need to say that I wasn't happy with the quality of printing this time around. It may have been due to the wrong choice of paper, which is fine for text but absolutely terrible for images. But the printing itself was not up to the standard I have been used to for a long time. Colour was certainly not right and the the b/w tones which have been excellent until now looked sepia tinted and the sepia shots were almost brown. It would be difficult to reproduce this in a photograph, so I am not even going to bother doing so.

I am not a massive customer - about 10 books to date - but in the past I have been very happy and contented with my purchases. I have always sung the praises of Blurb across the Internet, but I'm not sure I will be so quick to do this now. I await Blurb's email to see what they have to say about it.

I am from the UK by the way, so in the past, very pleased with the printer. What has happened?
image freak 9 years ago
Blurb emailed with a replacement promo code so that I can reorder the book. How good is that? It makes Blurb one of the best companies on the Internet to deal with. Thank you very much indeed. Now I know why buying from Blurb is such a pleasure when things go wrong. Happy Christmas to all concerned.
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