delzky 9:28am, 29 March 2013
I have just installed booksmart on my desktop and connected it to flickr. I don't have a back-up of my photos. Flickr is my only storage. I've started downloading my flickr photos to start my photo book, but it's taking too long. I think my highest resolution versions (the originals) are the ones being downloaded. Is there a way to do this faster?

To save time downloading, I am thinking of downloading the large size (1024 x 683) versions. If I forego the originals and just use this large size versions of flickr, would the resolutions hold in print? Would there be a noticeable reduction in quality? If somebody has done this, I would like to know your feedback, thanks.
blurbbooks 9 years ago

I'm sorry to get to this so late. You might want to contact our Customer Support Team. It shouldn't take too long to download your Flickr photos unless they're at an incredible high resolution, or you're trying to download a lot of photos.

Having said that, I think it'll be fine to do as you suggest. Try it with one photo. BookSmart will alert you if your images fall below the suggested resolution for print.


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