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chief berry [deleted] 10:14pm, 10 May 2013
I received my book with some ink issues. I made a request with the Blurb Costumer Support , 5 working days later, I got this:

"We know ... it's not always fun to contact Customer Support. We're trying to make getting help as pain-free as possible here at Blurb and are committed to responding to you as quickly as possible.

Because you recently contacted our Customer Support team, we'd like to hear what you think and invite you to take our customer satisfaction survey.

**If you feel that your support issue has not been resolved for any reason, please disregard the survey and reply to this email to re-open your support ticket.**

If you feel your issue has been resolved, please take a moment to answer one simple question below:..."

That's non-answer! Is it a joke?

Helene Barrette

All is well now & anew book (free of charge) is on it's way!
zoeimsilver 9 years ago
Hello Helene,

Thank you for updating your post. I am very sorry that you didn't receive our initial response, but happy the replacement arrived.

If you ever contact us and don't hear back within a day, you can always check the status of your support request here: This will allow you to see our response, even if the email got stuck in an email filter.

We're here to help if you ever have an issue with a Blurb book.

Best Wishes,

Blurb Customer Support
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