image freak 7:00pm, 16 May 2013
Hi, lately I am having trouble getting images processed in CS4 to look good in BookSmart. I mainly convert to b/w for my books. The problem is one of quality appearance in the BookSmart software. The images loo0k too contrasty and noisy/grainy where as in Photoshop they are of the right contrast levels and smooth. I'm beginning to think Blurb software is the problem as I do not have any problems uploading images to this site, my personal website, or POD sites that I use. I only get this IQ problem with BookSmart. Can anyone help me with this please. Regards...Keith
zoeimsilver 9 years ago
Hi Keith,

I'm contacting you from Blurb Customer Support. I see you contacted us about this issue and I wanted to follow up to make sure our response helped. If not, please reopen your ticket and we'll see what we can do to get this issue resolved.

Blurb Customer Support
eddyizm 8 years ago
I'm still having this problem with booksmart and it is pretty horrendous. I just opened a ticket and got a lame response with photo guidelines.
Very frustrating. I wrote back and hopefully get a better answer.
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