yupag 10:34pm, 26 February 2019
I ordered a book with only black and white pictures, but when I got it and regarded the pictues, they all showed slight tints, on the one side a slight green on the opposite side slight magente. The tints are visible not only by me. I immediately complained by e-mail, but nothing happened up to now. My question, did anyone had the same problem and what did blurb offer as compensation.
Sounds like the registration is off. Do the images look blurry? Best to send photos of the books to show the issues and hopefully get them reprinted.
yupag 3 years ago
No, the pictures are ok aside of this effect. I sent them photos, but it is difficult to make them from various reasons and the effect can best be seen in the book itself, if you compare the two opposite pages. I have a number of books from blurb with many black and white photos and never observed this effect, therefore I would like to know if others got it as well.
Joe Longobardi - Street Photographer Posted 3 years ago. Edited by Joe Longobardi - Street Photographer (member) 3 years ago
Now I understand. Sounds like an issue with this particular printing company as Blurb outsources to various independent contractors. I had registration issues with one printing company that was briefly used by Blurb only because the usual place was backed up.
Lawrence Impey 3 years ago
I have had exactly the same problem and the reason is that Blurb uses colour to print even though your book contains only monochrome photographs. It's likely that you uploaded greyscale photos to Blurb, however the issue with greyscale is that Photoshop (or whatever image editor you use) 'bakes in' a particular colour rendering. In other words, in converting RGB to greyscale it gives you a greyscale rendering that may not be appropriate. IMHO the only way to go is trial and error i.e. do a b&w conversion in Photoshop (see below) then get a single copy printed on Blurb and check the result. By altering the b&w conversion in PS you should be able to get the result you are after.

According to Blurb (in a document that has disappeared from their website):
There are several ways to convert color images to black and white using an imaging tool such as Adobe® Photoshop®. We recommend using the Black and White function that you’ll find in newer versions of Photoshop. The desaturate option can be used although it is not recommended due to its lack of control. Do not simply change the image mode to Greyscale. Because the book prints using four colors (CMYK) the greyscale mode will neither be honored nor produce the best results. The Black and White function is available only for RGB color space images. You will need to work on a RGB version of your image before converting it to CMYK.
yupag 3 years ago
Hi, thank you for your interest. Meanwhile I got a new book from Blurb (I needed a lot of angry e-mails) and this is perfect and one can see the diferences clearly by comparing the two books. Therefore I conclude that the reason are not my data (conversion to b+w) but the printing technique used by Blurb. They told me about the use of colour printing for b+w and little effects may be observed, but in my book the effects have been very visible. So, for me is the problem solved, but I hope to have less stress if I order another one.
bsomberg 9 months ago
It is disconcerting to read about all the problems with B&W printing. Does anyone know of a reasonable alternative to Blurb? Thanks
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