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Group Description

This group is for equirectangular projected photos that have the full 360° x 180° view (2:1 ratio). Also, photos that have covers for the zenith or nadir and meet the same 2:1 size ratio as full 180° x 360° panos will be accepted if they give the same appearance as the full spherical projection.

------------------------------------------------- Cool Group Links -------------------------------------------------
The most interesting equirectangular photos.
A map of all the geotagged photos in this group.
Invite your friends to this group.
An interactive version of the latest 25 photos posted to this group.
Interesting equirectangular photos with nadir surprises.
Interesting equirectangular photos with a circular pattern rectified.

------------------------------------------------- Flickr Tools -------------------------------------------------
Panorama Viewer for Flickr
Member Aldo has created a cool tool to make the 360° panoramic photos posted here interactive. Simply point visitors to the tool with a html link in your photo description. Here are some good link examples to get you started:[name]
Uses the SPi-V for Flickr tool to display the last 16 pictures in a specific users [name] photostream (example link uses sbprzd).[name]/[photoid]
Same as above but start on a particular image.
Filters by tags. Try it for using tags other than equirectangular. The example comes from Aldo's trip to reboot8.

You can try /in/group-[groupname] or /in/set-[setid] in certain contexts.
See more examples, make feature requests, praise Aldo, or join in the discussion here.

SPi-V for Flickr: Recent Panoramas
This SPi-V tool is brought to you by It displays an interactive version of the latest 25 photos posted to this group.

Join the discussion.

For updates, comments, requests, and a list of supported pages, check out this thread.

------------------------------------------------- GreaseMonkey Scripts -------------------------------------------------
These scripts are for firefox / GreaseMonkey users. If you are already a GreaseMonkey user then this will not need much more explanation. If you are not a GreaseMonkey user or would like more information then check out this thread.

Flickr SPi-V Preview script
Members ElusiveByte and Aldo worked together to create a script that adds a "preview in SPi-V" button to the top of photos in the equirectangular group. The thumbnails in the group pool also get a 'preview in SPi-V' link.

Get the script or join the discussion.

Flickr SPi-V link in description script
Member ElusiveByte created a script that makes it an easy one-step process to add the link to SPi-V for Flickr in a photo's description. No more copy and paste or typing long link strings.

Get the script or read more.

------------------------------------------------- Have Fun -------------------------------------------------
Have fun and invite your friends! Here is some text you can use in a comment for inviting friends:
Consider posting this photo to the <a href="">equirectangular</a> group.

Group Rules

Only 360x180 degree panoramic images in equirectangular projection are allowed in this group. This means your images must have an aspectratio of exactly 2:1.

Do not add a border or frame around the image.

If your posted images do not adhere to the rules, they will be removed from the pool.

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images, Art
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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