simon sherwin 6:14pm, 15 October 2018
Dear Smugmug

Originally this group attracted and displayed good quality “Equirectangular” panoramas. This means, per definition, flat, 2 by 1 projections of 360 x180 spherical images. Like traditional maps of the world.

Spherical images can be mapped in a variety of ways and are thus uploaded to pools for other projections such as "Stereographic", "Polar", "Quincunial" etc. In the past Flickr did not provide an option for interactive (VR) viewing and so we linked to external code providing this.

But Yahoo arbitrarily decided to change all this so that now wherever they occur on Flickr all equirectangular images default to interactive vr. So that even if our work is tagged “equirectangular” and posted to this pool we are unable able to display these pictures as they were intended.

Worse yet Flickr uses a botched coding of the vr sphere so that both zeniths and nadirs are fuzzy and distorted.

There have been many complaints about this in this pool and elsewhere.

Smugmug please rescue this group. Give us back our original equirectangular images and find another way to display vr images for those who prefer them.
raineyjayy 9 months ago
I'm not sure but I think if you removed the exif that identifies it as an equirectangular photo then flikr will not automatically tag it that way - there are a number of ways to get it done as well. Haven't tested it too much - I just know when I upload spherical 360 photos that are slightly off 2:1 (such as 2.4:1) and leave the tag off it doesn't automatically convert it.
Bob Dass 8 months ago
You can instruct viewers to press the X to recover the equirectangular view. But it is true that the coding of the VR sphere is deficient in several ways. I ask my viewers to click on the link to to see the VR display in all its glory.
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