Bernd Kronmueller 1:20pm, 3 February 2021
The new version of PanoPuzzle is live!!!

87 panoramic puzzles in 7 collections

It is also available on GitHub - so if you are looking for something else to do with your equirectangular panoramas - have a look .

What is new:
- there are now different categories of puzzles
- you can choose which puzzle to play
- there are lots more puzzles
- you can share links directly to a puzzle

So here are some links to try :
will bring you to the main mixed puzzle collection
will bring you directly to fractal panoramas
will bring you to some London panorama puzzles

On the left bottom is a settings cog where you can change difficulties and other settings. You can change the collection from the setting by clicking on the gallery icon.

Any issues - please let me know.
There are so many mobile devices out there running so many different browsers - so there is a chance that it might not work for everyone.
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