Bernd Kronmueller 7:38pm, 9 March 2021
People play PanoPuzzle but not many create their own.
"Too complicated with the need to host a web page and change configuration files" is the main complaint.
So I came up with a different way so people can use their own 360 panoramas.
Just head over to
drag one of your 360 panoramas onto the white field - click "Create puzzle" wait for a bit and play your own puzzle - it is literally that easy.
Or click on the drag & drop field and choose a 360 panorama with your file browser - only local images are accepted - not links to images on cloud drives.
No data will ever leave your computer - the whole conversion is done in your browser. There are a couple of restrictions - only jpg images with a ratio 2:1 smaller than 25MB are accepted.
The only downside is - it takes a bit. This is due to the conversion from equirectangular image to cube faces - that is what is happening 98% of the time when you press "Create puzzle" until it is ready to play. This highlights quite nicely why PanoPuzzle requires cube face images to run nice and smooth - the image conversion just takes too much time and would need to be done every time again.
You can also run it on a mobile device but generating a puzzle will take quite a bit. On a Xiaomi Note 8T it takes 15s to convert and create a puzzle from a 6MB panoramas.
Once you are done you can replay the puzzle in different difficulty levels (bottom left - under setting) or just refresh the page to create a new puzzle.
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