Random and Odd 5:33am, 27 May 2007
I looked for a group like this when I got my mini digital and didn't find very many people using these.

Where is everyone from?

What other camera's do you shoot?

I'm Kristine and from California. I shoot Nikon D70s.
Hi :)

I'm Rich from Portland OR. I have a couple of Holgas, and a Nikon FM2N film camera.
zazen2007 14 years ago
daniel / san francisco :
i saw this yesterday and could not resist ( i'm a gadget freak anyway) but have not actually seen what it can do.

Q: how far from the lens does the subject have to be ?

my "regular" camera is an ancient konica FT1, 35mm film, with lots of accessories and filters. i use a scanner to convert slides and negatives to digital - the best of both worlds. this mini is my first step into digital, and i know zip about it.

Q: why are compressed images "decreased quality" per the instructions ?

any hints, tips, instructions are much appreciated.
Hmm, I don't have the instrusctions handy, so I'm not sure what the decreased quality reference is. I know there is a "high quality" setting which gives 20 exposures, and a lower quality that gives more.

It also could be referring to the fact that they are compressed, as opposed to saving as RAW or TIFF.

I believe the images are kept in memory somehow. I removed the battery from one of my cameras that I believe was full, and when I replaced it the camera was empty :)
breakable writer [deleted] 13 years ago
Just got mine in the mail, today. Fascinating little techno-wonder! Anyway, I'm from the middle of Missouri and having fun with my new (it was still in the package and made in 2008) Mini Digital.
kyleseis 13 years ago
I'm Kyle from Antigo, Wisconsin.

Besides the Vivi Mini Digi, I use a Canon Digital Rebel XT with
18-55mm 70-300mm and 50mm, Holga 135BC, Nikolodeon Photoblaster, a p&s Vivitar 35mm film camera, Canon T50 with 35mm lens, Polaroid One Step Flash, Polaroid One Step, Polaroid Impulse, Polaroid Reporter, and Yashica Mat 124G.
I'm Natalie and I live in Delaware. For now.

I also use a FujiFinePix E500, an Olympus XA2, a Color flash Holga, a Polaroid Impulse and a Minolta SRT-100. I also have a Smena Symbol an Oktomat and an Instax Mini, but they all get used a lot less.
swanfleet 13 years ago
Besides 3 Vivitar Mini Digital's in different colors, I shoot with the Fuji FInePix A500. Living in Corpus Christi, Texas.
shiilo75 13 years ago
Hi, I'm Vanessa from Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

I love the weird grainy and pixellated pics I get with the Mini.

I also use a Canon Rebel G Film and a Fuji Finepix A330.
magnificent act [deleted] 11 years ago
I'm Mary and I am from Bloomington, MN. I got my camera last week for the heck of it. Got mine at Walgreens for ten dollars. It's kind of fun to use, and good for those moments when you might not have your "real" camera. My other camera is a Nikon D40X, with 18-55 mm, 55-200 mm and Tamron Wide angles lenses. I also own a Holga 120N and Polaroid.
Whatknot 11 years ago
I have a Q-See and an American Idol mini digital. Both are different branding of this little camera that will not die. The Q-See was my first not so serious cheap digital camera.
fedglass fauxtostream / clicheographs exposed Posted 11 years ago. Edited by fedglass fauxtostream / clicheographs exposed (member) 11 years ago
Fun cameras. I really need to find my mine and put it back to use.

Finally found the camera and the chord. Time to abuse some pixels....
Nick Certo 11 years ago
Hey guys! I'm Nick and I'm from western NY. I'm new to Flickr and i just got one of these fun little cameras so i thought i'd join!
Right now i shoot mainly with my Pentax K100d and a Sony WX1
I also just used my Christmas money to order an orange Eazzzy usb camera. Should be fun!
HaarFager 10 years ago
Sorry that I'm late to post here, but my name is Kenny and I live in Southern Illinois. My little camera is branded a "Shift 3" name and I love it. I use dozens of cameras regularly, so it would be pointless to post them all here. If you're interested, this will give you some idea of the various cameras I use:

My Camera Collection
Groups Beta