The little viewfinder hates me :) It seems like the pictures I take when I use it are all a lot closer in than what it would lead me to believe, and off center too.

I think I have better luck leaving it closed, and just pointing the lens where I think it needs to go.

Anyone have better luck with it? Any tips?
zazen2007 15 years ago

i'm still in the experimental phase of using this (and the whole digital photo thing as well) so take this with a mini grain of salt.

the directions suggest being 30cm from the viewfinder which is almost exactly 12" in u.s.a. standard. what i did was cut a piece of black thread 1 foot long and tape it directly behind the lens. to aim the mini, i pull the thread taught and hold it just below my left eye with the left hand (being left handed, that works best for me...) and this seems to keep the subject at least consistantly framed. i have yet to see how well it works.

let me know if it helps.
Interesting :)
HaarFager 11 years ago
I just hold mine at about arm's length, point and shoot away. Usually, i get it pointed pretty close so that most of the shots are usuable in that respect.
breakable writer [deleted] 11 years ago
The directions say to hold it about one foot in front of your face and kind of/sort of look through the viewfinder. I'm like HaarFager, though. I just point and shoot and hope for the best. That's half the fun.
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