Cranky Media Guy 10:17am, 9 June 2007
I own three of these, all purchased at Walgreen's for $10 each. Mine all say "Innovage" on them, though, so is it OK for me to post to this group? I'm sure they're the identical camera, but if you want to keep it Vivitar-only, well, it's your group so you're certainly entitled to do that.
Yeah you should definitely post :) I know the same camera is branded several ways.
I modified the welcome and about messages for the group to reflect this.
Cranky Media Guy 14 years ago
HaarFager 11 years ago
Mine is the same camera, only it's branded "Shift 3 Mini Digital Camera." I'm assuming you might want to add this name on the front page? I found it at CVS Pharmacy for $10. This is what it looks like:

Shift 3 Mini Digital Camera by HaarFager
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