rlandolt07 2:41pm, 23 November 2007
Soon after purchasing, I lost the little instruction book that came with the camera. By trial and error, was able to set up the software and download a picture or two. However, I don't know how to manage such things as clearing the prictures in the camera or taking advantage of various operating modes.

Anyone know where the instructions might be found?

ghostbore Posted 14 years ago. Edited by ghostbore (member) 14 years ago
The mode button cycles through the following functions:
"20" (or whatever number you have left) normal picture mode
"OF" power off
"St" self timer (10 seconds)
"Ct" continous shot (until full)
"CP" compression (turn off by pressing and seeing "nP" on the lcd)
"AI" avi video mode
"CL" clears last photo taken
"CA" clears all photos taken
"Hr" (the so-called high resolution mode 20 pics)
"Lr" (low resolution 80 pics) I never use this
(F5 and F6 is for changing voltage not necessary outside of Asian countries)
most modes can be locked in or used by pressing the shutter button
it's a pretty simple camera and i'm not sure that the instruction book would help much (it was mostly about using the supplied software)

I almost forgot the three beeps and no picture taken (LCD shows same number) is when not enough light is available, but the camera rarely does this
Candi Clawtooth 11 years ago
I didnt get any software with my camera , just got the usb cord and that was it. I plugged it in and it found drivers for it but it says its my Skype video so confused. I also have PhotoImpressions but not sure how to even get pics into computer let alone into PI. Can anyone offer a suggestion I'd love to start taking pics after havin this almost 2 yrs and just found it again ...packed away!! *sighs*
HaarFager 10 years ago
The best to way to clear all your pictures at once is to simply remove the battery for a second or two. However, if you just want to delete the last one you took, I've found that by clicking the front button 5 times, then the top (shutter) button twice, it deletes the last picture only. I've used this several times when I knew the picture wouldn't turn out. Usually because I pulled it down and then I heard it beep and take the picture.
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