nemoskull 7:38pm, 3 December 2007
a question, what is your opinion on digital enhancement on you vivitar mini photos??? i for one HATE to do it, but with this camera, its kinda needed. well thats my question, anybody out there want to help me out???
jmoney_1305 14 years ago
I love black and white pics, so if a picture looks good enough for just that, then I changed it using some online web editor. If not, I just kinda mess around with saturation, lighting, etc.

You could just use the PhotoImpression program. It's got some good features, but I prefer an online editor, such as Picnik or Snipshot.
nemoskull 14 years ago
i run ubuntu linux, so i use the fshot editor that came with it, and it works pretty well. i guess some 'enhancement' is okay. good point with the black and white.
jmoney_1305 14 years ago
Yeah, it just makes some photography better. You won't always get those picture-perfect... pictures? >_<
ghostbore 14 years ago
I've always used some type of post processing software on the camera, usually just contrast (it always needs to be increased a little on this camera) and sometimes color balance to compensate for it's poor white balance. i don't consider either "cheating", both are things I would adjust if processing film...
but actually why would cheating be bad?
the idea is to get interesting images; and the part of showing off cheap cameras' pics like this is showing that you can create something interesting with even the most rudementary devices, not creating ads for the cameras capabilities (which would make untouched necessary for honesty sakes).
Having said that, i should counter with saying there is a point where the image is edited to a point that it is no longer a vivitar's a photoshop project.
nemoskull 14 years ago
well thats what i wanted to know when i posted, i haven't had the chane to talk to other photographers. i guess i am gonna like it, post processing that is. thank you.
HaarFager 11 years ago
Every photo you've seen in a magazine has been subjected to some kind of post-processing. That's not considered cheating, so why would it be cheating when you or I do it? Yes, I post process my minicam pictures sometimes.
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