HaarFager 4:05am, 21 August 2011
I've wondered what people think of their Vivitar Mini Digital cameras and clones what they thought about them for shooting various subjects. In your opinion, do you think your camera works better for close up subjects, 2 feet or less; or subjects farther away from the camera, greater than 20 or 30 feet away?

Sometimes, mine does pretty good at subjects 6 inches away, but other times it tends to blur them. But, long distance shots almost always turn out. I feel like I'm holding it steady in both circumstances, but sometimes closer shots come out blurry and look like I was spinning the camera in a circle around the subject when it goes off. I can't figure out why it's doing that and wondered what other people's experiences were.
breakable writer [deleted] 10 years ago
Mine seems better with distance shots. However, some of the closer photos I've taken have turned out o.k. They are rather unpredictable little cameras. Of course, that's part of the fun.
HaarFager Posted 10 years ago. Edited by HaarFager (admin) 10 years ago
I was shooting with mine tonight and got a really clear shot of the brand name on the DVD remote. At about 1 inch from the lens, the word "SONY" turned out almost crystal clear. I guess you just have to make sure you've got your subject stable and the camera on a solid surface where it won't move and the chances go up for clearer shots.

SONY by HaarFager

There's only about 1 inch from the left to the right edge of the picture, so you can tell the camera was pretty close. And yet, the letters came out with more clarity than anything I can remember taking with this camera. True, the clarity is more pronounced in the middle than along the edges.
breakable writer [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by breakable writer (member) 10 years ago
The picture didn't show up and I can't seem to find it in your stream. But, then Mom always said I couldn't see things sitting right in front of me. Ha! However, I agree that to get clearer pictures you either need a very steady hand or a solid surface upon which to rest the camera. For the picture I took of our kitchen stove sometime back I sat the camera on the opposing counter top, push the shutter and waited quite awhile for the beep before releasing.
Stove in Color.

I'm still curious what others think of the difference between close up and distance photos with the mini digi.
HaarFager 10 years ago
It was set to private for some reason. I've fixed it and now it should show.
breakable writer [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by breakable writer (member) 10 years ago
Oh, Wow! Yes, that is very clear. Wonderful close-up/macro. I never thought it would be possible with these tiny cameras.
ThruTheSlats 10 years ago
Hate to bother you but couldn't find info elsewhere. I wanted to show you guys 2 simple photos (from 2 cameras) here. I know, or thought I knew, HTML tags. I now have a Vivitar and an Innovage Mini! *smile* I am looking at the 2 little images on my laptop screen. I didn't plan to upload them to Flickr for any purpose other than this topic. Guess I didn't have enough coffee this morn. How do I get these images from my computer to this discussion? Not important now but would like to know for the future. Upload them to Flickr and ??
mpclemens Posted 10 years ago. Edited by mpclemens (member) 10 years ago
Go to the "Share" menu above your photo, select "Grab the link", copy and paste that inside a set of square brackets:

[link here]

Grand Opening by mpclemens
ThruTheSlats 10 years ago
Thanks for your help. I checked it out and see the share options. So I have to upload my pathetic shots of black with a barely visible white blob in the middle. Others outside of discussion will see them and wonder “what are these?”. Merely showing these guys the graininess of camera #1 vs. camera #2 (clones) in my distance shots. Think I’ve had a change of heart. Ha! I really love your pic. Flags against the rippled blues with the white in the perfect spot, very nice. Thanks again for your help!
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