Clone vs Clone

ThruTheSlats 1:54am, 14 September 2011
This goes way beyond your "far away" shots topic so I started a new topic. For what it’s worth, my Innovage and Vivitar differ. I alternated, taking 10 quick ones with each camera late last night. Nearly a full moon. I didn’t expect a moon shot but wanted to see if any light would show on the pics. Same time, same place, with me steady against the house, all 10 pics from the Vivitar had a very grainy, mottled black and all 10 pics from the Innovage were solid black. All 20 did show the moon to some extent. I guess, in theory, the Vivitar could be more accurate since moonlight *was* coming through some clouds but the very speckled black vs. jet black has me expecting different results from the twins. On the other hand, the viewfinder is equally worthless on both. Oh, well.
HaarFager 10 years ago
I've only got a clone, one called a "Shift 3," but it seems pretty dependable. I've heard people saying that other brands will malfunction after a short time, so it seems my camera (or maybe this brand), is more ruggedly put together than others. Maybe their innards are different slightly, like you displayed in your test.
breakable writer [deleted] 10 years ago
I've had my Vivitar MiniDigi for over two years and, so far, it's still working like a trooper. Of course, I don't use it exclusively. With continued use it may give up the ghost a lot sooner. It's the only version I have, so I don't have anything else to compare with it. The other thought I've had is that they are "only" a keychain camera and were not intended to last very long. Hence the cheap price.
I thought that was an interesting experiment to conduct.
ThruTheSlats 10 years ago
Yeah, midmophil, you'd better hold on to your treasure. *smile* Button on my Vivitar is starting to stick...perhaps because I gave it TLC. If I'd thrown it in the bottom of my purse, tossed other junk on top of it, it'd be fine. It's mocking me. Note to self: must find time to buy a normal adult camera.
J QUE 10 years ago
I've owned two vivitars, and found that the white balance differed significantly between them (second one had many washed out pictures). Perhaps each camera is special in its own way.
ThruTheSlats Posted 10 years ago. Edited by ThruTheSlats (member) 10 years ago
Do you still have both Vivitars or did they move on to wherever dead cameras go? I'm looking at other electronics that I own that will barely survive their warranty period but I start topics like these about the properties of $10 cameras. Not sure why.
HaarFager 10 years ago
It's a great topic and an important one for a camera such as this. It would be my suggestion that you try more tests in a similar vein. The reason I suggest this, (I'd do it myself, but only have one mini digital), is it seems, at times, that mine performs differently under similar conditions. Maybe it's not that different versions of the camera perform differently, just that the software inside isn't very stable and produces varied results. I've taken some shots in the dark and gotten nothing but a black frame. But, I have also done that and gotten the "grainy, mottled black" that you mentioned.

I would think that the guts are absolutely the same in all of them, maybe the sensors come from different batches with slightly different properties? Anyhow, it's something to think about.
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