where to buy???

nemoskull 12:37am, 20 September 2011
i bought the last one in yuma, it was on clearance at wallgreens. the other wallgreens carry only the 'second generation' camera. its looks close to the same PC board, but twice the memory and waaay bigger resolution.
i guess they are phasing them out localy.

where did you buy your last vivitar mini, and how long ago?
breakable writer [deleted] 10 years ago
I think I remember buying mine on Ebay, but I doubt if you'll find very many of the earlier generation cameras. That's been a couple of years ago. Finding the older generation of mini digi's could be almost impossible.
ssntx 10 years ago
CVS Pharmacy on August 21, 2011. $7.49 plus tax.
ThruTheSlats 10 years ago
Original .1 mp has been long gone in my area. Walgreen's is trying to unload 2nd gen (.3 mp) for $10.
HaarFager 10 years ago
Are those 2nd Gen models called something like "Freelance?"

I bought mine on August 19th, 2010 at CVS Pharmacy for $10 closeout. They had some colored ones with the Vivitar name on them for $20, but I went cheap and got the Shift 3 for half price of the others. I went back this year on August 18th and asked if they still had any. The guy told me they were "seasonal." I said, "right, I bought one last year during this same season, where are they?" Apparently, when I found mine, they were leftover from Christmas 2009 and just hung on the shelves until they were all sold. I would like to find another one, though.
ThruTheSlats 10 years ago
I'm sorry, don't recall name, but definitely not Freelance. There are 2 CVS and 3 Walgreens within 10 mile radius. No keychain cameras at CVS when I checked a couple of weeks ago. I've been a customer of the nearest Walgreens for 15 years. Tiny cameras not a seasonal product there. People can buy better cameras fairly cheap and go that route even for the kids, they said.
HaarFager Posted 10 years ago. Edited by HaarFager (admin) 10 years ago
Slats, when you say tiny cameras are not a seasonal product there, does that mean they can stock them any time during the year and do? The reason I ask is, my CVS, well the one 30 miles from my home, (I know - I live in the no-man's land of Southern Illinois), said these kind of cameras were a seasonal thing. I checked a month or so ago and that's when he told me that. But, today, I'm buying film there because it's International Film Buying Day and what to my surprise, he has another Shift 3 mini digital camera like mine, only in color! It was marked as reduced at $9.99, but it rung up even further reduced at $5. So, either the Christmas season is already started around here, or they changed their policy this past month.
ThruTheSlats 10 years ago
Congrats on finding another Shift 3 at CVS! I wasn't clear earlier. Last year my Walgreens photo/electronics guy said the low end and/or older electronics come in somewhat erratically to his store. Conversation began over a pocket radio that no one but my mother wants. Lol. Eventually they got another one in and I was able to buy her a backup radio.
Kino Praxis 10 years ago
Home Hardware in Canada will be putting them on sale for $7 and change the week of October 10, 2011.
HaarFager 10 years ago
Thanks, Kino! All of our Canadian members need to be on the lookout for this sale. That's the time to get a spare camera!
RL R 10 years ago
I just got a blue shift3 version at a CVS. It was hanging on a rack behind some digital picture frame keychains. The packaging was pretty dirty, like they found it on the floor under a shelf in the back.
gilbertmj101 8 years ago
but why i cant use my vivitar camera? it is a gift from my aunte in canada is there any software to be installed?
nemoskull 8 years ago
no. download the instructions. might help. otherwise, ti might be DOA.
Flaver-D 8 years ago
The camera is actually well supported by Digikam under linux.

If you're not using Linux, just go and download Puppy Linux. It's a small version that can boot off a CD or a USB stick. It already contains pretty much everything you need. You can use it to extract the images and save them to any drive you like. It's quite user friendly and best of all totally FREE!
zazen2007 7 years ago
there are several available on ebay with prices like $1.00 - 3.95.. some have everything in the original packages (including the plastic ) and others are just the mini..

the good news is that drivers, software, manual are still available from various places on the web (not sure about vivitar ; they probably dropped everything by day 2).. check out www-vivitar-com and do a search for 'support' - ha, ha, vivitar support.. that's a good one.

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