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[Updated April 26, 2021] Flickr is moving payments to Stripe

Flickr Staff

kp-kp-kp says:

Update - April 26, 2021:

Hi everyone,

Shortly we will begin emailing members on Braintree about migrating to our new payments processor, Stripe.

Please be aware that Stripe does not support PayPal. Members currently using PayPal will need to select a different payment method to use going forward.

Additionally, note that Flickr + SmugMug has been taking significant steps to fully comply with all tax regulations since acquiring Flickr. Full details about taxes paid for each subscription are included in an itemized tax receipt as required for each locale in which we operate. For more information about taxes you may see, see our pricing FAQ here.

If you have any other questions, please send a message to our support team and we’ll be happy to help.



November 30, 2020:

Hello everyone,

Flickr is migrating to a new payment processor, Stripe, to handle all payments that happen through our platform. To be upfront: there should be no noticeable change and no action needed for most of our existing Pro members. We've posted an FAQ on our Help Center, but want to provide more about expect here as well:

Last week, we began processing all new Flickr Pro subscriptions through Stripe.

This week, Pro members with subscriptions on our current payment processor will receive an email notifying them of these upcoming changes. There will be no action required for members receiving this email. It is simply to inform you that this change is coming. A small group of Pro members on a legacy payments processor, Braintree, will receive a similar email in 2021.

So, why the change?
You’re probably asking yourself –– didn’t Flickr recently change payments processors? Indeed we did, and in doing so, we discovered that Stripe is a better long-term fit for Flickr. Stripe enables us to handle payments for the long haul, not to mention in a secure, reliable, and cost-saving manner. We’re also confident that Stripe will provide a more seamless checkout experience, eliminating some quirks in the payments process that we’ve learned about from you.

What information is being transferred to Stripe, exactly?
Information about your Flickr Pro subscription, including your payment details, will be securely transferred to Stripe. This is to ensure that there’s no interruption of your Pro membership. Flickr is never in possession of your full payment details.

Can I use PayPal on Stripe?
Unfortunately, Stripe does not support PayPal. However, if you are on an existing subscription and take no action to change your payment method or subscription term, you can keep using your PayPal account for now. For more information, please see this post.

We will continue to support PayPal as a payment option for print purchases.

I have more questions about this.
We understand if this raises questions for some of you, though we want to reiterate that for most members, there should be no noticeable change to your Flickr experience and no action required on your end.

That said, if you have questions about this change or about the specifics of your account, please reach out to our Support Heroes and we’ll gladly assist.

We wanted to share this message in the Help Forum to keep you informed of upcoming changes and to set proper expectations around what this means for you, specifically. Thank you.

Posted at 9:43AM, 30 November 2020 PST ( permalink )
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This thread has been closed by Flickr Staff.

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