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Identity Help - multiple accounts one email

envious month says:

Hi - I've got a bug with my identity and google account, is there any way to fix this myself?

I'm a flickr pro member but haven't heard anything for about 24 hours so since logging the support ticket.

I had an old yahoo account which got flicked over ages ago, now it seems my primary email address has been used on two accounts - whenever i login it takes me to the wrong one - I can still 'see' the old content though.

Any ideas?
Posted at 2:42PM, 22 February 2021 PST ( permalink )

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Viejito says:

You made this account 1½ years after this one.

I would suggest that you just go to and ask them to help you get back into the account: but since you already contacted them, you can ask them this when they respond to your request.

Remember that yesterday was Sunday, but I am sure they will contact you soon.
Posted 1 week ago. ( permalink )

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Flickr Staff

katie_ko says:

envious month (was “Markandiknik”):

I see you've been in touch with Becki from our Support team to help get your account situation sorted-- she'll be able to continue assisting!

Just a reminder-- writing in from the email address linked to your Pro account will bring your message to the front of the queue and you'll have that VIP Flickr support you deserve.
Posted 9 days ago. ( permalink )

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