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John Oram says:

So, some months on from my original comment on the subject and 'Show Newer Items' at the top of the activity feed still takes one BACK several hours instead of updating. Totally counter-intuitive, should really be annoying a lot more people but still not fixed. To update the activity feed you actually click on refresh unless you want a bit of unplanned time travel.

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Posted at 12:19PM, 6 April 2021 PDT ( permalink | reply )
R L Catlow (staff) edited this topic 6 days ago.

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John Oram says:

And nobody else cares. Hard to believe no-one else is experiencing the same thing.
Posted 7 days ago. ( permalink | reply )

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Flickr Staff

R L Catlow says:

John Oram:

Shooting over an email now to see what is happening.

Posted 6 days ago. ( permalink | reply )

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mcnod says:

John Oram:

And nobody else cares.

John, staff did respond to your older thread ...

John Oram:
Hard to believe no-one else is experiencing the same thing.

Seldom do I get any new notifications while I have the drop-down open. When I do, I scroll up using the mouse wheel (works for me) - I have never tried clicking on the message as far as I recall.
Posted 6 days ago. ( permalink | reply )

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sps1955 says:

I have seen the phenomenon that John describes above; it occurs from time to time but I have become habituated to it and simply ignore the "Show newer items" link, refreshing the page to get to the latest items in the feed instead. As John says, on clicking "Show newer items", one is taken to older items in one's feed, with the "Show newer items" link again showing at the top. Clicking again takes one to even older items. After three or four clicks just now, I was able to get back to 8 days ago, as seen in this screenshot:


On clicking again, even older items, from 10 days ago, were shown.

I have not commented on this before in the help forum, partly because I assumed that the staff response to John's earlier post meant that the matter was being dealt with, and partly because I'm not entirely sure what triggers this effect. However, I have managed to invoke it today. What happened was that I looked at my feed (i.e. signed-in home page) this morning, and followed links to specific photo pages (viewed in the same browser tab). I then stopped looking at Flickr, but left the tab open. Taking a break at lunchtime, I went to the same tab and clicked the "flickr" link on the left of the top menu to go to my feed. My feed reopened at the place where I had stopped viewing it earlier. So I scrolled up to find more recent photos, and encountered the "Show newer items" link at the top.

Incidentally, the number of recent views of my photos shown on the home page is wrong in these circumstances too, and seems to be "frozen" at the value it had when I first used the home page - if I refresh the page, the number of recent views jumps by a factor of about eight!

I suppose not many Flickr users see this phenomenon and perhaps some who do have, like me, learned to ignore it. However, as John says, it is bizarre to offer a link that does the opposite of what it claims, and could easily be fixed by replacing the link with text saying "To see newer items, refresh the page".

The observations above are based on using up-to-date Chrome under Windows 10.
Posted 5 days ago. ( permalink | reply )
sps1955 edited this topic 5 days ago.

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