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Put Two factor authentication already in action!

Tommi Storm says:

As I searched the help database, it seem that the two factor authentication has been under development at least two years and the feature is still missing. Come on developers! Almost weekly we read about data breaches on various sites and many respected internet sites have reacted to breach thread by adding two way authentication. As a paying customer I and hundreds of other paying customers are highly requesting that you already put the two factor authentication in order! We don't want our precious accounts to be stolen.
Posted at 9:48PM, 6 April 2021 PDT ( permalink )

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mcnod says:

Tommi Storm:

put the two factor authentication in order!

Tommi Storm:
I and hundreds of other paying customers

I am a "paying customer", I am willing to wait a bit longer, in fact, I probably will never use the two factor auth.
Posted 7 days ago. ( permalink )

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Flickr Staff

katie_ko says:

Tommi Storm:

As you may know, our new login system was built with Two Factor Authentication support in mind.

While planned, we still have work to do on the remaining aspects of 2FA such as advanced account recovery options.

In the meantime, you can help us keep your account safe by using a password that is strong and unique to your Flickr account.

We recommend using a password manager, such as 1Password, to generate and help keep track of your lengthy password.
Posted 7 days ago. ( permalink )

This thread has been closed by Flickr Staff.

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