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group invites not showing in notifications

stephencurtin says:

Received several invitations today, but none of them showed up in "recent activity" nor "notifications". I would have missed them except one photo ended up in explore, so had an unusual number of faves. Opened the photo and there were three group invites.
Posted at 10:18AM, 30 May 2021 PDT ( permalink )

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mikerofoto says:

Flickr staff, any update?
Still not working as of today, only place to see which group your picture got invited is going on your picture page and scroll down to the group section.
Posted 2 months ago. ( permalink )

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Flickr Staff

katie_ko says:

stephencurtin mikerofoto:

Sending over emails now to get some additional detail to see what might be going on here.
Posted 2 months ago. ( permalink )

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C-Aida says:

Still no notifications When a picture is invited to groups. Would be great to have a fix for this bug or an update.
Posted 6 weeks ago. ( permalink )

This thread was closed automatically due to a lack of responses over the last month.

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