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Flickr is painfully slow.

tobias feltus says:

Using Flickr is painfully slow, and by *using*, I mean browsing.

I can now confirm that my download speeds are between 12 and 50mb/s, and that I have tested different browsers/machines and access in both the UK and USA.

I find that often clicking a link will just do nothing for many minutes, and the only way out is to return to in the address bar. Sometimes refreshing towards the address in the bar works, but not always.

Apart from issues like this, I still believe Flickr to be the only valid online platform for photography, and have felt this way for over a decade.
Posted at 4:32AM, 6 July 2021 PDT ( permalink )

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Flickr Staff

R L Catlow says:

tobias feltus:

Shooting over an email to see if I can help out.

Posted 2 months ago. ( permalink )

This thread was closed automatically due to a lack of responses over the last month.

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