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Renewal price

photo.storey says:


I am on a two-year plan which ends next month. I'm aware that the two year plans are no longer being offered, and that the longest subscription I can take out is one year.

Last night I received the renewal email from flickr, saying that I will be automatically put on an annual plan, at £4.87.

That is unbelievably good value, eh?!

Of course, when I logged in and checked account payment options, that is a monthly charge, not an annual charge. I realised the email contained an error.

But it is misleading selling - some people newish to flickr might think that they are getting a year for that amount, when in fact their card is going to be charged it every month.

Please correct your email, flickr!
Posted at 3:18AM, 26 July 2021 PST ( permalink )

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abstractartangel77 says:

photo.storey:My Annual Pro Renewal in March this year was £55.88.
So your £4.87 Monthly plan would come to £58.44 a year (though I don't know if you'd pay VAT on that).
Posted 4 months ago. ( permalink )

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Flickr Staff

katie_ko says:

Thanks for flagging-- and sorry for the confusion this caused!

As you’ve mentioned, the pricing listed in the email is (unfortunately) incorrect.

This error in pricing communication seems to be affecting a small number of folks who are migrating to our new payment processor.

Our system inadvertently created a “mashup” of information from the existing subscription (monthly) & the updated upcoming subscription (annual).

Sorry again for any confusion this caused-- and if you’d like to follow up with our Support team, we’ll be happy to further discuss the details of your particular subscription.
Posted 4 months ago. ( permalink )

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photo.storey says:

Thanks for explaining.
And for the offer of help - though I think I'm sorted, now, thank you.

My account would've automatically defaulted to monthly payments next month, but I've changed it to a one year subscription.

Regards, Louise

abstractartangel77: thanks for info. At the moment it's saying that my annual subscription will be about £42, though it seems to fluctuate depending on the exchange rate between the dollar and the pound.
BTW, I love the budgie pics!
Posted 4 months ago. ( permalink )

This thread was closed automatically due to a lack of responses over the last month.

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