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[Acknowledged by Flickr Staff] Album settings during video uploads

Mikhail & Tanya +2 says:


When uploading videos through the iPhone's Flickr app, the "album" settings are not saved to Flickr. To replicate open Flickr on iPhone, select video to upload, select album to upload to, click share. Then go to Flickr's web interface to verify the video is NOT part of any album.

I just looked through videos uploaded the past two years and none of them are in albums! very frustrating! Please help!

Interestingly the bug doesn't affect photos, just videos

iOS version: 14.6
Flickr version: 4.16.14
Web interface: Chrome
Posted at 10:18AM, 22 August 2021 PDT ( permalink )
katie_ko (staff) edited this topic 2 months ago.

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Flickr Staff

katie_ko says:

Mikhail & Tanya +2:

Thanks for resurfacing!

We currently have an existing bug report filed with our engineers detailing the issues with uploading videos directly into albums.

I apologize for the frustration this causes having just realized past uploads never made it to their intended destination.

We'll be sure to post updates here as they arise-- but in the meantime if you need any help re-orgaizing your content, let us know.
Posted 2 months ago. ( permalink )

This thread was closed automatically due to a lack of responses over the last month.

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