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New Flickr Notifications Center and Settings available to all members.

Flickr Staff

Leticia Roncero says:


9/16/21: Summary of latest reply. If you have further questions or feedback about using the Notifications Center, please write to our Support team. The Recent Activity page will be sunset on December 15, 2021. Our latest reply also lists upcoming improvements that we'll be implementing based on your feedback and additional community feedback that we're taking into consideration.

9/08/21: Acknowledged feedback regarding seeing the total number of faves that a photo has and seeing all of your photos that someone has recently faved (currently notifications is only surfacing 12)

8/17/21: Acknowledged 2 known issues (slow loading and not seeing recent faves)


Today, after months of development, feedback rounds with our members, and hard work, we are continuing our rollout from 25% to 100% of the new Flickr Notifications Center and Notifications Settings pages.

What does this mean?

We’ve expanded the current notifications from the bell icon at the top of Flickr and introduced a new tab for groups you admin. We’ve also introduced a Notifications Center page so you can see your notifications with more screen real estate.

What’s new?

The Notifications Center
The Notifications Center is a rebuilt version of the Recent Activity page designed to surface all of the latest activity related to your Flickr experience. To access the Notifications Center, click on the bell icon in the navigation bar at the top of Flickr, and at the bottom of the dropdown, you’ll see the link that used to read “View Recent Activity” now reads “View all notifications.” When you click that, you’ll be taken to the new Notifications Center, where you’ll be able to access all your notifications, filter your notifications by type (ie.: faves, group invitations, comments on your photos, etc.), and check the latest activity on your photos, groups, and conversations.

Notifications Settings Page
The Notifications Settings page allows you to turn on or mute notifications by type. This page gives you control over your in-site notifications as well as email notifications to decide what you’re notified about, how you’re notified, and even how often. To access the Notifications Settings page, click on the bell icon in the navigation bar at the top of Flickr and you’ll notice a new gear icon that will take you to the Notifications Settings page.

Group Notifications
For groups, we’ve added new notification types to let you know when admins update the group admin blast, as well as group description and rules. Additionally, group admins will now see notifications for the groups they admin as a separate tab so they can easily sort out the priority updates for their groups from personal notifications and from groups they don’t admin. If you’re not interested in receiving group notifications, you can turn them off on your Notifications Settings page. Please note that there’s no option to turn off notifications for all groups at once, so please be intentional about which groups you mute.

New ‘Options’ in your Groups page
As we are rolling out the new Notifications, you’ll also see updates to your Groups list page, where all of your groups are displayed. We’ve changed the name of “Faved Groups” to “Pinned Groups” to avoid conflating with the action of faveing photos/videos. Pinning a group will keep that group at the top of your list, and will ensure you get notified of any new group discussions posted to that group. There’s also a new column called Options, which lets you manage group notifications, show or hide groups from your activity feed, and more. If you desire, you can use the Options column on the Groups list page to mute/unmute each of your groups. To pin a group on your Groups list page, select the Options column three-dot menu next to the desired group and choose “Pin to top of page.” If you want a group pinned to the top of the page, but you don’t want group notifications, you can mute the group from the same menu, or from your Notifications Settings page.

Comment modal in Notifications (how to see all comments made for one of your photos)
When you click on a comment notification from the Notifications Center page, you will get a modal that lets you scroll through all the comments on the photo without leaving the Notifications dropdown or Notifications Center. You can also reply to the comments from that modal. For people who like to go through all their comment threads without context switching, this should be a useful workflow for you now.

You can see a video demo of this in action here.

Archiving (changes to how some notifications are presented)
With these changes, you’ll now see notifications for recent activity on your photos, discussions, and groups, rather than seeing every previous interaction associated with that photo/video/group, etc. Let's take an example:

In the old format, let's say I had uploaded a photo five years ago, and it had 45 faves already. If a couple of folks named Pat and John came along and faved it today, the notification would read, "Pat and John and 45 other people faved your photo." We were showing the count of the entire history of faves on the photo in the notification, even though some of the faves might have been five years old.

In the new format with this hypothetical example, you'll get a notification that says, "Pat and John faved your photo." We're surfacing what has happened recently and seems most relevant.

Likewise, we've changed some of the models for how notifications are presented, with the intent to cut down on the noise when, for example, one person faves a bunch of your photos. In the past, if Pat faved ten of your photos, you would have received ten separate notifications. With the new model, we'll now simply show you a batch notification that says "Pat faved ten photos'' with thumbnails for those ten photos. Here is a visual example.

Changes to the Recent Activity page
If you regularly use Recent Activity, you're going to notice a change to the navigation at the bottom of that page. Because we are archiving old notifications as described above, we're not able to maintain pagination at the bottom of Recent Activity. So where you previously could see page 1, 2, 3, etc., until the last page, you will now use a "next →" button to navigate. We’ve added a "start" button as well so that you don't have to use the back arrow on your browser.
If you notice that items you previously muted are showing up for you with new reactions in Recent Activity, this is due to the way the archiving data is stored. If you want to mute comments on a particular photo/video, for example, you’ll need to do that in the new Notifications to have it work on Recent Activity.

If you still regularly use Recent Activity and haven't explored the new Notifications, now is a good time to try the new system. We have spent the past few months monitoring the performance of this new experience and working to incorporate feedback to make sure that everything that you can view in Recent Activity is available in the Notifications Center or elsewhere on Flickr. We are keeping Recent Activity while everyone gets used to the new notifications center, but our plan is to eventually remove this page and focus on making notifications the go-to experience for keeping up with your activity on Flickr. We'll continue fine-tuning notifications, so if you notice anything that doesn't appear to be working as it should or you're unable to accomplish a specific workflow in notifications that you could in recent activity, please let us know here. We've also included an FAQ in our Help Center.

Answers to some FAQs about the new Notifications Center:

“The new system is missing some notifications. For example, I can’t find [X] notification type.”
We built the new Notifications Center with feature parity in mind, which means you should be able to see all the same types of notifications (and other new ones) that you used to see on the Recent Activity page. If you have lots of new activity that you need to manage, the Notifications Center page lets you filter your notifications by type. For example, show only notifications for comments, or only for group invitations, etc. You can select different filters depending on what you want to see. Click on the “All Notifications” dropdown at the top of the notifications list to apply filters.

“On the Recent Activity page, I was able to see individual replies and comments without having to open the actual photo page.”
You can do this from the new Notifications Center as well! When you click on a comment link from the Notifications Center page, you will get a modal that lets you scroll through ALL the comments for that image. You can also reply to the comments from that modal, without leaving the Notifications Center page.

“I want to see the list of people who faved my photo(s) without having to navigate to the actual photo page.”
Similarly to how we brought the comment modal into the new notifications after feedback that folks wanted to be able to see all the comments on a photo without having to go to the photo page, we are looking at how we can bring the fave modal that is currently on the photo page (e.g. “[person 1], [person 2] and [n more people] faved your photo”) into the Notifications Center and under the bell icon. We’ve wanted to update that modal component to have more functionality, so this is a perfect time to do so. We’ll work on that after we get 100% of the community into the new system.
Posted at 11:40AM, 26 August 2021 PST ( permalink )
cabb88 (staff) edited this topic 2 months ago.

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Clement Tang * says:


Hear, hear, hear !!!
Posted 2 months ago. ( permalink )

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Jane Statham says:


I asked that earlier, but may not quite as clearly as you did, due to the lack of the correct language/terms.
Posted 2 months ago. ( permalink )

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kurtwolf303 says:


That is exactly the point, which I tried to bring up since this whole mess started. But since English is not my native language, I had a hard time expressing my thoughts and stopped my efforts.
Thank you for your clear statement!
Posted 2 months ago. ( permalink )

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Kernowfile says:


Can't argue with anything you've said.
Posted 2 months ago. ( permalink )

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Carl Vanassche says:

16 hours ago I received the notification that a Flickr member faved 101 photos, how can I find out which photos have been faved if you only display 12 of them in the notification ? It's like saying you have 101missed calls and only identify 12 of them.
Posted 2 months ago. ( permalink )

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Carl Vanassche says:


the same happens with faves, yesterday someone faved 101 photos; So I got the notification that 101 photos had been faved but only 12 were displayed, so I have no idea what other photos have been faved.
Posted 2 months ago. ( permalink )

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mdiepraam says:

And still only half of all notifications appearing in the app are appearing in the desktop NC. So the desktop NC is far from complete. What is going on here?
Posted 2 months ago. ( permalink )

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bulbocode909 says:

Really bad these new notifications.
When a person posts several comments, we have to click on the photo to read it. And furthermore, the notifications do not fully load. And to access notifications it's very slow !!
(I do not speak English, translation by google)
Posted 2 months ago. ( permalink )

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phil anker says:

Flickr admin wrote:
Today, after months of development, feedback rounds with our members, and hard work, we are continuing our rollout from 25% to 100% of the new Flickr Notifications Center and Notifications Settings pages.

I think the feedback you received was false, judging by the feedback of the last 14 pages.
I think the majority of users were not bothered when you were tinkering with the Notifications page. It was only when you started turning off sections of RA that the proper feedback started. As has been stated by virtually every comment RA is much more used and useful than Notifications. Indeed, for many users it is their landing page when they open Flickr.
Maybe time to re-asses the feedback now that you have made future intentions clearer with regard to RA and listen to your users.
Posted 2 months ago. ( permalink )

view photos says:

Literally a feature that nobody asked for. Now all the group spam is even more convenient for me to access, amazing.

I'm moving off pro(or any for that matter) flickr account as soon as I will find time to do so. You people have no idea what you're doing.
Posted 2 months ago. ( permalink )

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Félix Abánades says:


Lento no, lentisimoo, es vergonzoso lo que están haciendo , o no saben o lo hacen aposta mal
Posted 2 months ago. ( permalink )

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Picture post. says:

Looks like the old RA is not coming back, this will kill off groups and kill off Flickr.
Posted 2 months ago. ( permalink )
Picture post. edited this topic 2 months ago.

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Alan.Rust says:

Picture post.:

kill off groups and kill off Flickr.

I haven't been with Flickr for long, but even so I have heard this said time and time again.

Looks like the old RA is not coming back

I have only had the new Notification Centre a week, give them a chance to gather info as to the viability of going back to the old RA. You never know, your wish or / and your prediction may come true :-)

Edited to add;
Just received an email and you were quite correct, RA ceases to be 15
Posted 2 months ago. ( permalink )
Alan.Rust edited this topic 2 months ago.

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♥ Annieta  says:

It's a mess!!! where do we paying for? For NOT seeing who had commented on my photos????
Bring it back! It does NOT work like this!
And I'm a pro member since 2005 but if it going like this I stop with Flickr!!!!
Posted 2 months ago. ( permalink )

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kittymax says:

It would appear that this thread was designed for feedback on the sparkling new N page since that’s all that is left to talk about. This is why staff have systematically ignored everything concerning the old page because they have always known right from the start that it was already too late to do anything about it. A bit unfair don’t you think? This didn’t stop people from voicing their concern and listing all the things that were good about one and bad about the other, all to no avail. I think that one very important aspect of this whole fiasco has been left out all together in the forum and that is LOGIC!

People used the RA as quick and efficient way of finding out about new activity on their own photos and sometimes time is short.
I’m not an expert on anything and I’m getting very, very old indeed but that doesn’t preclude me from thinking that the person who realised the necessity for such a useful page as RA and was instrumental in its formatting was a genius if only by comparison with the one who dreamt up the ‘other’ page.

Most of the things we do in life are dictated by convention. Most people tend to look at certain things from left to right simply because it’s a habit they picked up when learning to read and write.
It thus follows that putting our photos on the extreme left of the page was definitely the right thing to do while scrolling down the page to see more photos was also a far more useful way of seeing ALL our photos and thus logical rather than seeing only a few of what may be a lot which in my book is both illogical and daft.
It’s obvious that the new N page was created from nothing by Flickr for Flickr built on new technology. Since the photographers who used the RA thought it not only good but essential to their needs, why can’t we produce another RA page built on the new technology though quite separate from the N page and exactly the same in all respects as the old RA page without being tempted to change anything (form or content) during the process?

Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could have our beloved RA page back exactly as it was before but using new technology?
No need for a genius, we have a template!
Why not a referendum to decide things? We could do it if the will is there: we don’t need 100M votes we could get a necessary majority one way or the other from the total votes cast. Imagine the headlines: “Dialog at last between one side and the other!” And with everyone chipping in! Tempting, no?
Posted 2 months ago. ( permalink )

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antonychammond says:

Couldn't agree more with kittymax from a fellow oldie!
Posted 2 months ago. ( permalink )

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Tony / Guy@Fawkes says:


Spot on !
Posted 2 months ago. ( permalink )

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Helena de Riquer says:

Exactly, from left to right! This is how it should be. And with the photos and their titles as protagonists. That is, Recent Activity. Bring it back!
Posted 2 months ago. ( permalink )

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kurtwolf303 says:


Agreed !!!!!
Posted 2 months ago. ( permalink )

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Flickr Staff

cabb88 says:

Hey, folks -

Thank you for trying out the Notifications Center and Settings. We know that it’s an adjustment from the Recent Activity page and the constructive feedback that you’ve shared will help us improve Flickr for everyone. Here are some of the improvements, informed directly by your feedback, that we’ll be focused on next.

* Investigating instances where members have reported slow load times with notifications.
* Adding a faves modal, similar to the one on the photo page, so that you can see all of the Flickr members that have faved your photos recently.

* Adding the total number of faves or comments on notifications, as applicable, without needing to navigate away from the Notifications panel or Notifications Center.

* Improving how muting is described in the Notifications Center by specifying exactly what’s being muted.

We’ve also received feedback that some members:
* Would like to see notifications arranged by item, rather than by person.
* Want to receive notifications for their own activity (e.g. comments that you’ve left).
* Used the Recent Activity page as a checklist for keeping up with and responding to the interactions you have on Flickr.
Our team is aware of this feedback and will keep it in mind as we make future improvements to Flickr.

The Recent Activity page will be sunset on December 15, 2021 and we’ll continue focusing on improving how notifications work on Flickr. We’ll have clear language on the Recent Activity page to let everyone know that this change is coming. We know that many of you relied on this page and that adjusting to a new experience takes time. We are here to help you do that.

If you have a question about the new Notifications Center or Settings, please write to us here. This will ensure that we can thoughtfully review and respond to your questions and help you have the best possible experience with the new Notifications Center and Settings.
We’ve also put together our next steps and some of the questions that we have answered so far in this blog post.

Have a question or feedback about the Notifications Center or Settings? Write to us here.
Visit our help center for more information about how the Notifications Center and Settings work.

Posted 2 months ago. ( permalink )

This thread has been closed by Flickr Staff.

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