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[Fixed] Incorrect photo count by 40

ThomasAn says:

Hi, I have noticed the photo count has gone out sync after some account maintenance (deletion and addition of photos).

The actual counts are 316 (public) and 322 (public + private), but the site reports 358/364. Occasionally if switching views from public to family and back the count is reported correctly as 316, but when adding new photos the 364 count is used. Also the 358(public) count keeps showing up after some page refresh.

I have cleared all cookies and cache and also tried a different browser, but it seems to be a server problem. The server keeps jumping between the 316 and 358 values. Logging out of the account the value remains 358.
Posted at 9:13PM, 4 September 2021 PST ( permalink )
ThomasAn edited this topic 3 months ago.

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iansand says:

How long ago did you do the maintenance? There can be a lag while all servers get in sync.
Posted 3 months ago. ( permalink )

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ThomasAn says:


That was a couple months ago. Happened one day when uploading fifteen photos at once and the progress bar got stuck for half an hour without confirming the upload.

I contacted support two days ago and now they fixed it.
It was a server caching issue.
Posted 3 months ago. ( permalink )

This thread was closed automatically due to a lack of responses over the last month.

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