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Major Increase In Stats

dccradio says:

As of earlier this afternoon, my stats were showing less than 5,000 views for the day. Came back around 6 PM and my views were close to 24,000. My individual picture stats don't really add up to a jump in views of this magnitude. Is something going on with stats this evening?
Posted at 4:42PM, 11 September 2021 PDT ( permalink | reply )

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Nionyn_ says:

You have a Pro account. Have you looked at your stats breakdown to see if you can narrow down where these hits are coming from, and on which parts of your photostream they are happening?
Posted 8 days ago. ( permalink | reply )

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mag3737 says:

You have 82,000+ (public) photos. Most likely some bot got latched on to your account and just kept hitting "next" for a while.
Posted 8 days ago. ( permalink | reply )

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dccradio says:


Could be, I hadn't thought of that.
Posted 7 days ago. ( permalink | reply )

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dccradio says:

Nionyn_:Yes, and at the time most of the pictures had less than 50 views each. So it just seemed off to me.
Posted 7 days ago. ( permalink | reply )

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Flickr Staff

Melanie0426 says:


I am going to reach out to gather additional information and look into this further for you since we do not have additional reports of a significant increase in stats.
Posted 4 days ago. ( permalink | reply )

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