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Videos taking weeks or months to upload and filed with the wrong date

g a r y e a s o n + f l i g h t a r t w o r k s says:

I'm surprised I can't seem to find any other comments about this, so maybe it's just me. I'm finding that my videos take an age to be uploaded - sometimes appearing days, weeks or even months after they were created, and are then logged as "created on" the date they finally appear, which is wildly incorrect and completely detached from the still photos that accompanied them, which seem to upload OK. Often the videos appear in clumps of a dozen or two at a time - all with the wrong date of course.

I'm not talking about movie epics, these are typically iPhone clips up to maybe a few minutes in length. Flickr on my phone is set to Auto-upload on WiFi, which I'm on most of the time.

I've been a Flickr user since 2007 (originally as part of a BT Internet account). I have never known this issue before (except for that long changeover stretch when there simply weren't any videos at all). Given that this is a paid-for subscription, it's rather a poor level of service. Can anyone please suggest why it's happening?

- Gary
Posted at 8:35AM, 13 September 2021 PDT ( permalink | reply )

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MabelAmber️***Pluto5339***MysteryGuest says:

g a r y e a s o n + f l i g h t a r t w o r k s:

and are then logged as "created on" the date they finally appear,

This has been an issue for years now:

EDIT: Perhaps my memory fails me but I cannot recall ever having read about videos finally surfacing in a photostream "weeks" or even "Months" after uploading on this HF.

EDIT II - Or it would have to be the video upload lag during the downtime when Flickr was transferred from the Yahoo/Oath/verizon servers to Amazon AWS:
Posted 6 days ago. ( permalink | reply )
MabelAmber️***Pluto5339***MysteryGuest edited this topic 6 days ago.

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g a r y e a s o n + f l i g h t a r t w o r k s says:

Ah - so I see. Yes so anyway how come Flickr is the only such operator on the planet that cannot get this basic function correct? Like I said, as a paid-for service it's pretty poor.
Posted 3 days ago. ( permalink | reply )

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Flickr Staff

Melanie0426 says:

g a r y e a s o n + f l i g h t a r t w o r k s:

I am sorry to hear that your videos are taking a while to upload. I am sending over an email to see if I can help out.
Posted 3 days ago. ( permalink | reply )

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