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two accounts but why

decisive skate says:

I have had an account since 2009 JAMES HAMILTON-BIRD Birdseyeviewphotos and deleted my pictures down from nearly 2000 when You said we would be limited to 1000 anything over that would be lost.........recently I wanted to make a comment on a picture taken by one of my followers, but I was told to sign in......but my email or passport was not recognized, and another account was opened JAMES HAMILTON-BIRD SEPT 2021. DESPITE BEING SEPARATE, when I go to upload pics on my primary account I am told I can load 824 pics So I can no longer load up which was why I went to buy PRO. PLEASE SORT IT OUT IF I can't load more up, I don't need pro
Posted at 9:53AM, 14 September 2021 PDT ( permalink )

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MabelAmber️***Pluto5339***MysteryGuest says:



You are not directly addressing staff here, this is mainly a member-to-member forum.

Obviously you need staff to sort your login woes, so use this link to contact them directly:

EDIT: This must be your old account, created 2009:
Posted 5 days ago. ( permalink )

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Flickr Staff

Melanie0426 says:


As mentioned if you are having trouble logging into an account, we ask that you contact support directly here:

I am going to reach out directly so I can help you regain access to your account.
Posted 4 days ago. ( permalink )

This thread has been closed by Flickr Staff.

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