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New Notification Center

G_E_R_D says:

When I log into Flickr and go to Recent Activity, I am greeted with this blue banner:

Recent Activity

Then when I click on that link, this Help Forum thread pops up:

New Notifications Center

Since this thread has been closed by staff, I'll let you here know what I think:

I tried it out, and I think that compared to the old Recent Activity, the new Notification Center is a disaster. I read in another thread that you are going to focus on some improvements based on constructive feedback from your users. Good luck with that.
Posted at 2:35PM, 18 September 2021 PDT ( permalink )
G_E_R_D edited this topic 5 weeks ago.

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mcnod says:


I'll let you here know what I think:

the first two lines of the closed thread gives you specific instruction on how to proceed. Starting a new thread was not it . . .
Posted 5 weeks ago. ( permalink )

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G_E_R_D says:


I assume you are referring to these first lines of the closed thread:

"We’ve created a new thread so that we can continue the conversation, help folks onboard to the new notifications experience, and to address any questions that may arise."

Well, the mentioned new thread has also been closed by Flickr Staff.
Posted 5 weeks ago. ( permalink )

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mcnod says:


My mistake, sorry. I haven't seen the blue banner. I guess I assumed it was sending you to the recently closed Notification Center "hot topic" that can be found upper left of this help forum page. I'm sure they will see the feedback that you left here in this thread sooner or later.
Posted 5 weeks ago. ( permalink )

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GandFProductions says:

This update is way too much and can create some issues for group admins when people contact you to ask why their photo was rejected! I think the moderator activity in the messages should have been on the admin/moderator creates at the time of rejection.

It is too cluttered and very unorganized.

I understand 1% of the why. 99% has me scratching my head. The biggest issue as stated as I repeat myself is the notifications from admin/moderators. That feature should be something set in the groups and off by default. Just like the 30/60 rule, many admins opted out.

I saw a friend's notifications who is way more active than me and it is a hot mess! They are very active in groups and because of this, they can't even find a message someone sent and maybe 10 pages down in the feed due to all the activity they have in posting.

I browsed the now closed feed and it looks like an overwhelming no to this feature. I think it needed more beta testing with a larger sample group and listen to the input from those who are paying as well as those who aren't. As a customer, from what I saw it would drive me up the wall at the unorganized structure.
Posted 5 weeks ago. ( permalink )

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Portraits and Stories - Art says:

I'm confused about why you made what seems to be a major change / project instead of addressing a variety of relatively small things that are annoying / frustrating. And, remarkably, best I can tell, none of them were addressed in the change:

* The ability to BLOCK a group. So they can't send invites to your images.

* The ability to DELETE a comment from the mobile app (I shoot models, often art nudes. Some comments, and some group invites, are just appalling.)

* The ability to use Flickr messaging on the mobile app.

* Having the "source" data (For Flickr "Pro" accounts) On my most popular day in the last couple weeks, 51,000 views, or slightly under half, are shown as coming from "Mobile". Which is basically useless to me. What groups, or albums, or tags, bring interest is helpful. That isn't.

Probably more, but that's what comes to mind at the moment.
Posted 5 weeks ago. ( permalink )

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Amie Rae says:

As a person with dyslexia, I find the new Recent Activity format completely overwhelming. All the text is almost impossible to process, and I feel this format places less emphasis on our photography and art, which is the reason we are here. Right? It's time to seriously consider ending my membership.
Posted 5 weeks ago. ( permalink )

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Richard Harvey UK says:

Portraits and Stories - Art:

Excellent point re source data. I check the Stats only to find that x% of views came from either iOS or Android. For who’s benefit is that? Certainly not mine…

Edit: although I suppose this is a shortcoming within the phone apps. I wouldn’t know…
Posted 5 weeks ago. ( permalink )

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amazingstoker says:

Yes, "let us know what you think" redirecting to a closed thread just about sums it up really.

Posted 5 weeks ago. ( permalink )

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kurtwolf303 says:


Posted 5 weeks ago. ( permalink )

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Carla@ says:


Yes a closed thread, reality :-(((
Posted 5 weeks ago. ( permalink )

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cnmark says:

As flickr keeps closing threads about the new notofications (and will probably close this as well soon) because they do not want to see the overwhelming negative feedback in public, I just use the opportunity to post my feedback here:

After watching the behavior of these "Notifications" for some time now and trying to live with that, this becomes more and more disappointing, especially compared to RA.

Firstly, the notifications page does not show more than the bell drop-down on every other flickr page, just as a bigger page - so what's the point?
Just keep the RA pages working to show all the additional information and make that bell drop-down bigger....

Some reasons for my disappointment with notifications below, with some constructive hints how to improve that:

1. Faves:

1.1. Grouping of mass faving by one user together

At first I thought that is a great idea. But unfortunately this feature does NOT work as advertised.

I still get, from the same NNN, with the very same timestamp:
NNN faved that photo
NNN faved 5 photos
NNN faved this photo
NNN faved that photo
NNN faved 3 photos
This clearly indicates that this feature does not work as intended.
Make that work consequently

1.2. Faves count in Notifications
At first I was pleased that we get rid of this stereotype 49+ we had to live with before.
But then I noted that now it is even worse. At some seemingly random point in time the faves count in notifications is reset and starts counting again from 1.

I had one photo uploaded where notifications was counting through 12 hours all the way to 241, another new upload counting through 3 hours to 159, yet another counting for 6 hours to 201, and so on. Plain random resets of counting.
This is rather irritating, as there is no (for the user) apparent system behind it. Just keep the total in notifications continously increasing, as it does on the photo page.

If that random reset time / begin of miscounting the faves in notifications is a side effect of your trying to highlight the most recent activities, then this is a good example that:
- either the concept is flawed
- or the implementation is flawed

2. Comments, grouping of comments from the same user together:

This is actually a very bad idea. Comments are not same as faves, does the staff even realize that?
Because: when grouping the comments by one user together, this "modal" flickr staff is apparently so proud of does not work anymore. One has to open each single photo to see what was written. Pretty painful, especially considering that with RA this info was available at a glance.

Get rid of that grouping, so at least your "modal" works as intended.

3. That funny "Load more" button at the end of the notifications page:

This thing works only about half of the time correctly, the other half it appears to be more of a randomizer of events.
As soon as the counter in the bell icon goes beyond 30 and one has to use this "Load more", half of the time one does not get the correct order of activities anymore.
Instead after the activity shown above "Load more" was, say 34m ago, one does not get the real "next" that was 35m ago - instead one gets another that was 1d ago, then one other that was 2h ago, then yet another that was 43m ago, some are even repeated from what was shown in the first 30 activities.
This randomizing behavior of the "Load more" button is completely unacceptable. Did somebody even test this for more than 30 activities?

Go find the root cause for this randomizing of activities and make the "Load more" work correctly


Again, as the new notifications require much more user actions in form of mouse clicks to actually see what happened to one's photos, this is a massive step backwards compared to RA, where all this information was available at a glance.

This notifications are clumsy, a waste of time (the user's and your team's time), they are apparently not well implemented, with features that do not even work as they should.

The loading times are a huge disappointment as well, as soon as one leaves the computer for some time and then comes back loading the notifications (30+) it takes up to half a minute to load.
Posted 5 weeks ago. ( permalink )
cnmark edited this topic 5 weeks ago.

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johnb/Derbys/UK says:

The new notofications thing is absolutely horrid and so slow too,but have noticed flickr dont listen to feed back given by people.Been a pro member for years got a strong feeling at moment to say thats it had enough wonder how many out there feel same way?
Posted 5 weeks ago. ( permalink )

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joeke pieters says:


Thank you for all your work, it describes perfectly what is going wrong and why Recent Activity was so much better, you could see all in one glance and now you have really no idea at all, it all comes in bits and pieces. It is like they are inventing the wheel all over again and at this point proudly present a square one.
Posted 5 weeks ago. ( permalink )

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Clement Tang * says:


joeke pieters:

I don't know what to do come December "Sunset".
Posted 5 weeks ago. ( permalink )

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joeke pieters says:

Clement Tang *:

The funny thing is, that a sunset is followed by a sunrise, so actually they are implying that there will be a recovered Recent Activity on December 16, 2021.... but I am afraid that is a bit optimistic....!
Posted 5 weeks ago. ( permalink )

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anuwintschalek says:

Desaster it is.
RA has always been my lifeline in Flickr and has carried me through all changes. Notifications are OK in the mobile app, but cause solely desorientation on PC. Huge white spaces and next to nil usability. Discussions under photos are rendered impossible, because I can't detect comments following mine on other person's photo any more, except in case I was addressed personally with the 'answer' button - and, on a phone, one can address so a single person only. Bye-bye friendly chats - a feature I have loved most throughout years.
Posted 5 weeks ago. ( permalink )

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Pierre Wayser says:

New notifications means : Slow with less informations and more clicks ! Cool !
Posted 5 weeks ago. ( permalink )

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conall.. says:

RA has got very slow and creaky. I wonder will it be functional at all as we get closer to the 15th December.

I seem to have to refresh about 3 to 5 times before it eventually populates.

prior to it populating i just get the message:

"You don't have any activity yet, but if someone leaves you a comment or marks one of your photos as a favorite, we'll let you know about it here!"

I dont think there is any point in reporting this as a fault as I dont think they will work on any fixes for RA.

Hopefully the new Notifications will get better over the next few weeks and be more usable even if it is never quite as pleasant to use as RA was.
Posted 5 weeks ago. ( permalink )

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Flickr Staff

kp-kp-kp says:


Thanks for pointing this out. We're in the midst of getting this banner copy updated and you should see that out shortly.

As we mentioned in our last post in that thread you've linked, the best place to get in touch with feedback is by sending a message to our support team:

Posted 5 weeks ago. ( permalink )

This thread has been closed by Flickr Staff.

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