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Flickr apps on IOS

Geza (aka Wilsing) says:

Why are these apps so awful?

I’ve been a Flickr Pro member since 2003. When IOS apps appeared I opted for PhotoExplorer and have been using more or less happily till recently.

The app has not been updated for years due to Apple’s stringent and expensive conditions and lately - presumably because Flickr has changed the API yet again - I was experiencing issues.

Therefore, I am trying to to use Flickr’s own app and I rush back to my desktop as it’s limitations are infuriating.

I’d love to know who thought that no search options is necessary when adding an image to groups?

I am venting my frustration here but doubt that anyone will take the slightest notice.

Just for the record the desktop version is also far from ideal. Why does the text being entered completely removed when one uses a single backspace? Just one of the many irritations.
Posted at 6:14AM, 24 September 2021 PDT ( permalink )

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mag3737 says:

I don't use the Flickr mobile app so I cannot help you with that.

Regarding your "single backspace" problem, where are you entering text? Without looking very hard, I found 10 different areas in which one can type text, and the backspace key works as expected in all of them.

In some of those places, when you initially click your mouse to put focus in the box, the entire text is highlighted so that it will be replaced when you start typing (backspace or anything else). But this is a standard UI design feature (not a Flickr bug) and I assume NOT what you are talking about.
Posted 4 weeks ago. ( permalink )

This thread was closed automatically due to a lack of responses over the last month.

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