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How to get photos to Flickr with titles and descriptions from

debunix says:

Security-forced upgrade to Mac killed iPhoto. Can I get my photos from to Flickr without having to copy/paste all Photos-added titles and descriptions manually for each photo?

I need my words to go with my Photos.

I need to control which version of which photo is uploaded (resolution, processing).

I need to control which photos are uploaded (no 100% upload) and when (no mass autouploads but happy to have one album from which all are uploaded when added to that album).

And no true sync is desired because some things are only for Flickr and not saving on my hard drive.

I see multiple older threads but none seem to resolve these issues.
Posted at 8:10AM, 20 September 2021 PDT ( permalink )

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debunix says:

Turns out does export with titles, descriptions, and tags Flickr will accept.

It is not nearly as user-friendly as the older FlickrExport that integrated with iPhoto, which allowed me to upload from iPhoto and control privacy, albums, groups at the moment of upload, and organize the order in which they upload and thus how they appear in my photostream and my albums; this current uploader requires me to separately:

export to a 'monitored' folder from which they are uploaded in a sort order that I cannot manipulate, presumably by date or filename, not useful when you want to mix things up;

then use Flickr's organizer separately to organize the albums and groups and privacy settings, and this is not as easy as working with iPhoto.

Still dreaming of better integration.

What order does Flickr Uploader use to upload images added to that folder?
-time added to folder?
-time photo taken?
-Image title?
-Image filename?
Posted 5 weeks ago. ( permalink )

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Flickr Staff

R L Catlow says:


Hi there,

Sending over an email to see if I can help out.

Posted 5 weeks ago. ( permalink )

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debunix says:

Thank you for trying to help.

My question was apparently not clear enough. In the current Flickr Uploader, when I am adding photos to a folder that then get uploaded to Flickr, what is the ORDER the uploader adds them to Flickr?

I know about working with albums and adjusting dates/times. That is not my question.

My question is related to how that time uploaded is determined when I am adding more than one item to the monitored folder to be uploaded. Is the first one uploaded to flickr with the earliest upload time determined by:

-time added to folder?
-time photo taken?
-Image title (alphabetical or alphanumeric sort)?
-Image filename?

I'm trying to avoid needing to revise extensively in Organizer by setting up the uploader folder to predictably upload my images.
Posted 5 weeks ago. ( permalink )
debunix edited this topic 4 weeks ago.

This thread was closed automatically due to a lack of responses over the last month.

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