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Will there ever be an official Roku app?

brentward says:

So I had a situation where I had to reset my Roku about 2 months ago. One of the apps I used was the Flickr one available on the channel store. I reinstalled it and when you go to generate the code to authenticate, it gives an error. I went to check the page and that server is down, and it doesn't appear to be coming back...ever. Seeing that this is the same setup that's been running for years with no real update on the server or the client, can we assume that the app is finally dead?

Are there no plans immediately to provide any kind of access to Flickr via streaming devices like Roku? Looks like Apple TV gets an app, why don't Roku users? I've searched on here and all over the internet for an answer and I guess I'm out of luck. It's really not convenient to have to connect a computer to the TV, just saying.

Does anyone have an answer?
Posted at 8:26PM, 18 October 2021 PST ( permalink | reply )

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mag3737 says:

FWIW, based on frequent reports here in the Help Forum, I think the Apple app is dead, too. So at least you're not being cast as a 2nd-class citizen to them. :-o
Posted 6 weeks ago. ( permalink | reply )

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brentward says:


If you go to it still lists Apple TV, but it does seem like the only 'apps' being focused on are of the mobile sort.

That's a shame. I guess the user base just isn't big enough to warrant $$ for continued dev or maintenance.
Posted 5 weeks ago. ( permalink | reply )

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mag3737 says:

Now the above-mentioned Flickr Help page is simply gone.

NVM, not gone, just a bad link above. Corrected link:
Posted 4 weeks ago. ( permalink | reply )

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Flickr Staff

Melanie0426 says:


I am sorry for the trouble here. Roku made the Flickr app that was available to their customers, we do not support Roku.
Posted 4 weeks ago. ( permalink | reply )

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