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verona39 says:

Certainly not available to me. I cannot open anything beyond Account Settings on my computer. Everything worked fine before when I opened the bell. Granted my desk computer is old, but it works fine otherwise. Am I supposed to buy a new computer just to be able to use this new Notification Center? No way. This is very frustrating.
Posted at 7:33PM, 23 October 2021 PST ( permalink )

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edlp2k says:

Maybe its a browser issue, not a computer issue.

-- Basic troubleshooting would start with clearing cache and cookies etc, then checking your browser security settings to see if they're set too high. You'll probably need to log back in after a clearing.
-- Likewise check ad-blockers and no-scripts etc.
-- Check for latest version of your browser. Take a look at this link -

Supported Web Browsers for Flickr

"Flickr on the web is browser-based and works best with the newest version (excluding "beta") of the browsers listed below. Features may not work properly if you're using an older operating system (which can't be updated) or an outdated or unsupported browser
< omitted links >
If you're still having trouble loading Flickr pages using the latest version of your browser, try our steps to clear your cache, and review how to fix problems when Flickr isn't working properly."

-- Also, an offbeat suggestion - check your mouse batteries for a low charge. Lately, I've noticed that my mice (USB and wireless) can move my cursor arrows but the arrows have no functionality when the charge gets low. I click but nothing happens. The touch pad works fine. A recharge brings the mice back to normal.

Hope this helps
Posted 6 weeks ago. ( permalink )
edlp2k edited this topic 6 weeks ago.

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verona39 says:


Many thanks for your reply! My knowledge of computer stuff is very limited, but I will see what I can do. Unfortunately I was told that my operating system cannot be upgraded.
However I think I am not alone in this situation,
and many Flickr members use older computers.
Flickr should have provided an option to remain with the Old Bell or switch to new Notification Site.
And what all this info one can get in new Notification really has to do with photography?
It all comes down to the chase for accumulating more views. Photography is individual endevour. Sure, it's nice to see that your photos are looked at, but Old Bell was quite sufficient for that.
Just my opinion. And thanks again for your help.
Posted 6 weeks ago. ( permalink )

This thread was closed automatically due to a lack of responses over the last month.

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