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Sorting photos in albums - basic

SueBov says:

So I'm clueless on the site as it is but managed to upload photos and put them in an album one by one.
Can I do that as a batch?
However although I uploaded them in the order I wanted them to appear they arrived mixed.
Should I have individually moved them to the album in the order I wanted?
Is there any hope I can still rearrange them?
It used to be easy in the old days but I'm struggling with this.
Most grateful for any advice
Posted at 1:51PM, 1 December 2021 PST ( permalink )

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mag3737 says:

Check out You > Organize from the main menu. This lets you add photos to an album as a batch, and it lets you open albums and rearrange the photos as you wish.

Note: This is only available on the web site, not the mobile app.
Posted 2 months ago. ( permalink )

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SueBov says:

Thank you mag.
I popped back and Edit in Organizer is there in blue - that's a start.
I'll look out for it when I make another album.
Looking at You I can see Organize right at the bottom. Possibily because I was looking for the active part to be at the top with the Albums and Photostream
One step at a time - appreciate you taking the time to help the uninitiated....
Posted 2 months ago. ( permalink )

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Reflection48 says:

Impossible to rearrange photo order in my Photostream.

I rearranged each of 80 photos in Batch the way I wanted them. Then could not "Save" rearranged order. No "Save" button. Tried the same in Albums (although I had no intention of creating an album -- my objective was to change the photo order in Photostream) . Same result. When I went back to check my Photostream, photos were in the original order. Quite discouraging, especially for a major worldwide photo platform like Flickr.
Posted 2 months ago. ( permalink )

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iansand says:


The only way to change the order in your Photostream is to edit the date uploaded.
Posted 2 months ago. ( permalink )

This thread was closed automatically due to a lack of responses over the last month.

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