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Intermittent issue when loading picture and either Albums or Groups is not functioning

Jim 03 says:

There have been number of times over the last few months that when trying to upload pictures and Album and Groups tabs are not available. Usually not both at the same time. In addition there have been instances when the listing of Groups has been abbreviated.
Posted at 10:28AM, 4 December 2021 PST ( permalink )

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mag3737 says:

These kinds of page-loading issues can happen when Flickr is having problems, or when there is regional internet slowness, or when your own internet connection is slow, or any combination of the above.

If you check here in the Help Forum at the time issues occur, you may at least be able to see whether other people (in other places) are also reporting it.

When there are "major" outages from Flickr's side of things, they will update about progress on their status page here:
Posted 2 months ago. ( permalink )

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aunty.june says:

I cannot upload pics into albums and groups due to timing out. Please help
Posted 2 months ago. ( permalink )

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dimaruss34 says:

Uploading does not work properly - from 5 pictures were uploaded only 4 and no one in albums. And uploading page froze on "Publishing".
Also does not working uploading pictures in groups. Please help.
Posted 2 months ago. ( permalink )
dimaruss34 edited this topic 2 months ago.

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Flickr Staff

R L Catlow says:

Jim 03:



Sending over emails now.

Posted 2 months ago. ( permalink )

This thread was closed automatically due to a lack of responses over the last month.

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